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News Archive for April 2016

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Can the presence of a robot affect whether humans behave ethically?

April 28, 2016

TechRepublic: A series of studies at Cornell investigate how humans behave in the company of robots. Here are the findings, and what they mean. read more

How a hedge fund's social network reacts to market swings

April 20, 2016 When an organization experiences stressful or unexpected news, does it use its social networks to reach out or to hunker down? To answer that question, a University of Michigan researcher... read more

The real reason AI won’t take over anytime soon

April 18, 2016

Yahoo! News: Artificial intelligence has had its share of ups and downs recently. In what was widely seen as a key milestone for artificial intelligence (AI) researchers, one system beat a former... read more

Voyce enhances research and development team for continued innovation in remote health monitoring for animals

April 5, 2016

Bloomberg: Developed in collaboration with biomedical engineers, veterinary experts, and Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, the Voyce Health Monitor™ uses non-invasive sensors and... read more