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News Archive for March 2016

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Robots are going to make our lives so much better, if ee can get over ourselves

March 23, 2016

Huffington Post: One of the tropes of science fiction is the uncanny valley — the phenomenon of a robot looking eerily human-like but not quite right in some intangible way. Another is the breakdown... read more

Morphing metal shapes future of soft robotics

March 21, 2016 Imagine an aircraft that could alter its wing shape in midflight and, like a pelican, dive into the water before morphing into a submarine. Cornell University engineering professor Rob... read more

Celebrating a valuable and beautiful infinity on Pi Day

March 14, 2016

Forbes: Monday is Pi Day — in the U.S., at least. People in Europe might find it strange that March 14 would be the designated day to celebrate a ratio cherished by mathematicians and circle lovers... read more

Unlocking the secrets of the brain's intelligence to develop smarter technologies

March 11, 2016 Of all the fast and powerful computers in the world, our brain remains by far the most impressive. Now an interdisciplinary team of scientists, led by Baylor College of Medicine, aims to... read more

Experts explain the biggest obstacles to creating human-like robots

March 9, 2016

Business Insider: Artificial intelligence (AI) became a scientific field almost 60 years ago. Ever since then, researchers have tried to achieve human-level smarts or better. read more

Light-up skin stretches robotic boundaries

March 8, 2016

NASA Tech Briefs: Cornell University researchers have developed an electroluminescent skin capable of stretching to nearly six times its original size while still emitting light. read more