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Volume 11, Issue 7
November 5, 2008

In this issue:

Awards and honors in the Engineering community

The Cornell University board of trustees has re-appointed Prof. Lynden Archer to the Marjorie Hart Chair of Chemical Engineering.

Assoc. Prof. Larry Bonassar, BME/MAE, has been elected a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering.

Prof. James M. Gossett, CEE, and former student, David Freedman, now a faculty member at Clemson, recently received the 2008 Outstanding Publication Award from the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors. The award recognizes authors of "a landmark environmental engineering paper that has withstood the test of time and significantly influenced the practice of environmental engineering." The two were honored for their 1989 Applied and Environmental Microbiology paper, "Biological Reductive Dechlorination of Tetrachloroethylene and Trichloroethylene to Ethylene under Methanogenic Conditions."

CEE Prof. Ken Hover has been nominated for the office of vice president of the American Concrete Institute. If elected, he will begin a two-year term as a vice president at the Spring 2009 convention and then become ACI's new president in 2011. Other CEE members who were ACI presidents include Professor and Dean S.C. Hollister, 1934; Professor Emeritus Dick White, 1997-98; and CEE alum, David Darwin '67, MS '68, in 2007.

Prof. Paul Steen has been named as the Maxwell M. Upson Professor in Engineering, effective Nov 1.

Abraham D. Stroock has been promoted to associate professor with indefinite tenure, effective Nov 1.

CS research scientist Robbert VanRenesse will give the keynote at the Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop on Internet Services and Cloud Computing in Beijing on Nov 6. VanRenesse is also program co-chair of the Operating Systems Design and Implementation conference to be held Dec 8-10 in San Diego.

CS students Lars Backstrom, PhD candidate, and Hooyeon Haden Lee, undergraduate, competed in the Local Onsite round of Google Code Jam.Lee, who placed 23rd out of approximately 100 in the regional contest, is advancing to the finals in Mountain View on Nov 14. Google Code Jam is a coding competition in which professional and student programmers are asked to solve complex algorithmic challenges in a limited amount of time.

MentorNet accepting tenure-track faculty volunteers

MentorNet's Academic Career E-Mentoring Program seeks faculty members to serve as mentors for undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, or untenured tenure-track faculty members. As part of MentorNet's One-on-One E-mentoring programs, women and underrepresented minorities pursuing faculty careers are matched with mentors for eight-month mentoring relationships conducted via email. Serving as a mentor provides opportunities to connect with students, postdocs, and early career faculty outside of your university and the satisfaction of helping someone else by sharing your experiences, advice and support.

Whether you are looking to become a mentor or looking for a mentor, contact Sara Xayarath Hernandez in Diversity Programs in Engineering for more information or visit MentorNet online.

Food composting began this week in Duffield

Collection of food waste for composting began on Monday, November 3, near Mattin's Cafe in the Duffield Atrium. Student composting ambassadors, signs, and special collection containers will help users separate compostable material from noncompostable material and deposit it in the proper location. Most of the material will likely originate from Mattin's Cafe, but Duffield patrons are encouraged to bring other compostable material such as unwanted luncheon leftovers for collection. The actual composting takes place and is used on Cornell farms. Please take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to campus sustainability.

Staffing updates

Jessica Mott is on temporary assignment in the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations. She is filling in for Caroline Brockner, who delivered a healthy baby girl, Jade Elizabeth Brockner, on October 28. Mott has been employed previously in the College of Engineering as temporary receptionist for the Dean's Office in 2007, before moving on to other assignments in the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning.

Gannett schedules flu clinics

For your convenience, Gannett Health Services offers flu shots in a variety of locations on campus. These clinics are walk-in, no appointment necessary. The shots are free to Cornell staff, faculty, and registered students: bring your Cornell ID. There is a $25 charge to dependents of registered students: (spouses, partners, and children over the age of 14). You may use cash (exact change please) or checks to pay the fee; credit cards are not accepted clinic locations. Check the clinic schedule online to find a date and location most convenient for you.

Winter holiday extended for staff

Taking advantage of an opportunity for energy savings as well as staff appreciation, the Cornell administration has extended the winter holiday. All staff members who work a standard workweek will be given Friday, January 2, as a paid day off, in addition to the six days previously scheduled (December 25 through January 1).

Guest speakers and seminars

  • Biophysics Colloquium
    Wednesdays, 4:30 PM, 700 Clark Hall; refreshments at 4:15 outside 700 Clark

    5 Nov: Assoc. Prof. Ahmed Heikal, Bioengineering, Pennsylvania State University: "Towards quantitative biochemistry of energy metabolism and redox state of living cells"

  • CAM Colloquium
    Fridays, 3:30 PM, 655 Rhodes Hall; refreshments at 4:30 in 657 Rhodes

    7 Nov: Andrzej Banaszuk, United Technologies Research Center: “Design of robust dynamic networks"

    14 Nov: Prof. Gail Wolkowicz, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McMaster University: “The chemostat: A lake in a lab"

    21 Nov: Prof. Kevin Short, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of New Hampshire: “Disassembly, repair and rebuilding of music with mathematics"

  • CEE Seminars
    Thursdays, 4:30 PM, 366 Hollister Hall; refreshments at 4:15 PM

    6 Nov: Assoc. Prof. Beth Ahner, Cornell BEE: "The trials and tribulations of large scale algae farming for biofuel production"

    13 Nov: Stephen Parker, director, Water Science and Technology Board, National Research Council: "What does the WSTB and NRC do?"

  • CS Colloquium
    Thursdays at 4:15 PM, B17 Upson Hall

    13 Nov: Distinguished Salton Lecture Series, Dan Reed, director of Scalable and Multicore Computing, Microsoft: "ManyCore, clouds, research and the future"

    20 Nov: Assoc. Prof. Vineet Bafna, University of California, San Diego: "Haplotype assembly"

  • EAS Seminars
    3:30 PM, 2146 Snee Hall; refreshments at 3:15 PM in the Snee Reading Room

    5 Nov: Mark Flanner, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO: "Snow albedo feedback triggered by deposited particles"

    6 Nov: Assoc. Prof. Adam Sobel, Columbia University: "The weak temperature gradient constraint on tropical atmospheric circulations"

    12 Nov: James Gaherty, research scientist, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University: "Mantle melting, melt extraction, and mantle deformation at slow-spreading ridges"

    19 Nov: Asst. Prof. Joan Ramage, Lehigh University: "Unlocking secrets of glacier drainage and snow melt floods using passive microwave satellites"

  • Innovation in Spacecraft Engineering Seminar Series
    5:30 PM, B17 Upson Hall; refreshments at 5:00 PM in Upson Lounge

    10 Nov: Assoc. Prof. E. Glenn Lightsey, University of Texas at Austin: "A review of options for autonomous cislunar navigation."

  • MAE Colloquium
    Tuesdays, 4:30 p.m., B17 Upson; refreshments at 4:15 in Upson Lounge

    11 Nov: Asst. Prof. Rustom Bhiladvala, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Victoria: TBA

  • MSE Seminar
    Thursdays, 4:30 PM, 140 Bard; refreshments at 4:00 PM in Bard Lounge

    13 Nov: Assoc. Prof. Dan Luo, Cornell BEE: "DNA as a true polymer"

    20 Nov: David E. Fowler, Western Digital Corporation: "Hard drive nano-engineering: Cheaper than tennis shoes"

  • NBTC Seminar Series
    Tuesdays, Noon, G01 Biotechnology Building; light refreshments served, feel free to bring your lunch

    4 Nov: Sam Nugen, visiting scholar, Cornell BEE: "PMMA biosensor for nucleic acids with integrated mixer and electrochemical detection"

  • TAM Seminars
    Wednesdays, 4:30 PM, 205 Thurston Hall; refreshments at 4:15 PM in 206 Thurston

    5 Nov: Asst. Prof. Noah J. Cowan, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University: "Mechanics and control of concentric-tube, super-elastic, continuum robots"

    12 Nov: to be announced (please check Web site)

    19 Nov: Asst. Prof. Phaedon-Stelios Koutsourelakis, Cornell CEE: TBA

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