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Volume 13, Issue 18
April 20, 2011

In this issue:

Engineering data cleanup

Dean Lance Collins is asking every Cornell Engineering employee, including Ph.D. students, to validate that their university-owned computers are either free of confidential data or are properly secured by June 1. This must be done for all university-owned computers, including those used at home, laptops, research computers, etc. The college is providing Identity Finder to help find possible confidential data, which includes Social Security, credit card, driver's license, and bank account numbers, as well as protected health information. The software can be downloaded from the Engineering Data Cleanup intranet page, where step-by-step instructions and more information can also be found. The time required to review results varies, but those from a typical desktop take about an hour. Supervisors and PIs will determine who is responsible for scanning each shared file store and computer. Everyone must attest that they have removed or secured all confidential data on their university-owned computers. Compliance with this process is mandatory for all Cornell employees.

Endeavour to carry Cornell chip satellites

The historic last flight of the space shuttle Endeavour will be carrying three prototype satellites built by Cornell students and faculty, led by Mason Peck, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and principal investigator for Satellite on a Chip. Cornell is leading this nationwide initiative in micro-scale spacecraft. Endeavor is officially scheduled to launch at 3:47 p.m. EDT on Friday, April 29, from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Staffing update

Connie Park will join us as Assistant Director of Human Resources for the College of Engineering and Computing and Information Science on May 2, 2011. Connie brings significant HR experience based on her current position with the College of Veterinary Medicine and prior position in the Office of Workforce, Diversity, Equity and Life Quality. She has experience in job design and compensation, recruitment, training and development, strategic planning, and program management, as well as other critical HR functions. She has extensive experience working with staff, faculty, and other academics. Connie holds a B.A. in political science from the University of Maryland and is pursuing a master's degree in industrial and labor relations at Cornell.

Google Exacycle for Visiting Faculty

Google Exacycle for Visiting Faculty is a new grant program for high-performance, CPU-intensive computing. In its first year, the program invites proposals for large-scale, computationally intensive research projects. The program awards sizable allocations on Google's computing infrastructure to address grand challenges in science and engineering. Google will award a total of approximately one billion core-hours to drive transformational research in diverse fields such as astronomy, biology and medicine, earth sciences, mathematics, and physics. Google will award a total of approximately one billion core-hours to up to 10 distinguished researchers and postdoctoral scholars worldwide. The application deadline is 11:59 p.m. PST May 31, 2011.

Awards and honors in the Engineering community

Doug James, associate professor of computer science, has received a Guggenheim fellowship to help support his research on computer sound synthesis. He will use the fellowship to support research during his coming sabbatical, which, he said, will include developing more realistic sound models and efficient algorithms, as well as work on a book on physics-based sound rendering.

Michel Louge, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, and Mark Wysocki, senior lecturer in earth and atmospheric sciences, have received 2011 Kendall S. Carpenter Memorial Advising Award. The $5,000 awards recognize "sustained and distinguished contributions of professorial faculty and senior lecturers to undergraduate advising."

Suzanne Mahlburg Kay, professor of earth and atmospheric sciences, has been elected a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union. Fellowship in AGU is a very high honor in this field, considered second only to membership in the National Academy of Sciences.

Electrical and computer engineering Ph.D. student Eliana Nossa was honored with the "Outstanding Student Paper" award by the Space Physics & Aeronomy section for her presentation "E-Region X-Mode Suppression of the Artificial Field Aligned Irregularities" at the 2010 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco. She is working under the supervision of David Hysell, professor of earth and atmospheric sciences.

Four engineering undergraduates have been awarded a Technical Minority Scholarship by the Xerox Corporation. The scholarship recipients and their majors are: Matthew Cong '11, computer science; José Carlos Hirshman Mateos '15, undeclared; and Anil Singhal '14 and Kimberly Yeh '14, chemical engineering. Read more

The Cornell Engineering Alumni Association held its annual awards banquet April 14. José Martinez, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, received the Tau Beta Pi Professor of the Year award. Bruce Land, senior lecturer in electrical and computer science engineering, received the Academic Achievement Award. Kevin Fuhr '12, mechanical engineering, and Iriny Ekladious '12, biological and environmental engineering, won the Undergraduate Research Award. The Albert R. George Student Team Award went to the Violet satellite project. The Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Women's Group and the Engineering Peer Advisors each won a Student Organization Award.

Recent Engineering news releases

Submitting announcements to Information Update

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