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Volume 7, Issue 22
July 13, 2005

In this issue:

Academic administrative appointments announced

Dean Kent Fuchs recently announced the following academic administrative appointments:

Prof. Joel Brock has been re-appointed as Director, AEP (extended from five to eight years)

Prof. Paulette Clancy has been re-appointed as Director, CBE (extended from three to five years)

Prof. Lance Collins has been appointed as Director, MAE (five years)

Prof. James Renegar has been appointed as Director, ORIE (for another two years)

Prof. Peter Jackson has been re-appointed as Director, Systems Engineering Program (extended from two to four years)

Prof. Timothy Healey has been re-appointed as Chair, TAM (extended from five to eight years)

Prof. Michael Spencer, ECE, has been re-appointed as Associate Dean of Research, Graduate Studies and Professional Education (extended from two to four years)

Prof. Zellman Warhaft, MAE, has been re-appointed as Associate Dean for Diversity (extended from two to four years)

Prof. David Gries, CS, has been re-appointed as Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs (extended from two to five years)

Faculty awards and honors

Prof. Terry Jordan, chair of EAS, has been selected by the Sedimentary Geology Division of the Geological Society of America to receive the 2005 Lawrence L. Sloss Award for Sedimentary Geology. It will be presented at the October 2005 meeting of the GSA in Salt Lake City. The Sloss Award is given to an individual whose career achievements best exemplify the achievements of Laurence L. Sloss, whose "widespread contributions span the field of sedimentary geology and whose service to the society was exemplary."

Prof. Toby Berger, ECE, has been selected as the recipient of the 2006 IEEE Leon K. Kirchmayer Graduate Teaching Award for "sustained excellence in graduate education and research information theory." This award honors teachers of electrical and electronics engineering and the related disciplines for inspirational teaching of graduate students in the IEEE fields of interest. Berger is the second ECE faculty member to receive this award; the first was Prof. Lester F. Eastman in 1999.

Mohit Haran, CBE, and Lena Fitting, AEP, were both selected as recipients of 2005-2006 Applied Materials Graduate Fellowships. Awards and benefits include a $10,500 cost-of-education allowance, $18,000 annual stipend, summer internship (as available), and participation in technical symposiums. This fellowship is renewable for up to three years.

New employee for the summer

Christina Ryan has joined the dean's office staff in a temporary position this summer. She will be performing light administrative and clerical duties in the offices of both Human Resources and Finance and Budget, and she will also assist with general front office responsibilities. A 2005 graduate of Newfield High School, Ryan plans to attend TC3 this fall to study web design.

New vacation handler for e-mail

Cornell has implemented a new way to handle e-mail while you are out of the office or on vacation for a day or more. Called Time Away Responder, this tool will send one message to each unique sender to say that you are out of the office. Your messages will continue to be sent to your mailbox and you can read your mail remotely if you have access. But you'll no longer need to leave your office computer on with your e-mail program running to generate those "out of the office" messages.

To use Time Away Responder, log in to CIT's whoiam web site, choose Electronic Mail from the menu, and scroll down that page to find the section called Time Away Responder. Set the date you plan to return and tailor the out-going message with the date of your expected return and any other information you want to include. The responder takes effect when you click the "Set it" button at the bottom of the page; there's no option to set it in advance to begin at a future date. So you'll need to plan to do this immediately before your departure. But if you happen to forget, the responder can be set remotely from wherever you have web access.

Visit the Time Away Responder web site for more information:

If you have any problems or questions, contact Engineering Computer Support at 5-0966 or

Submitting announcements to Information Update

Please send your news notes to Announcements will be published no more than twice and should be limited to about a hundred words or less. The next issue of Information Update, published biweekly during the academic year and monthly in the summer, will be July 10, 2013. The deadline for submissions to this next issue is Friday, July 5, 2013 at 5 p.m. Information received after the deadline will be published in a future issue if appropriate.