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Additional Summer Research Opportunities

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Summer Research Experiences for Undergrads (REUs) across the Country 


For information about REU opportunities on campuses across the country, go to:


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Undergraduate Student Research Program offers undergraduates across the United States mentored internship experience at NASA Centers and research support facilities. The NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program is NASA's largest nationwide internship program. Please visit for additional information and application.

National Institutes of Health

NIH is offering training programs in the biomedical sciences for undergraduates. Please go to: for information and application.

New York State Stem Cell Foundation

Students interested in research in stem cells, as well as business students interested in aspects of a non-profit are encouraged to apply. 

The program pays a stipend of $385/week, but does not provide housing or transportation. 

The deadline for applications and supporting letters is March 3, 2017.  

Internship application for 2017:

Video of 2016 class:

Technion International’s Summer Program in Entrepreneurship and Internship- Tuition Free

Technion offers engineering students a tuition free chance to come to Technion for the summer program, May – August (including a research internship). The program consists of a 10-week unpaid academic research internship followed by a 4-week study period. The program also includes social activities and trips. More details are on this website:

Technion is offering to waive the course tuition for Cornell engineering students, and students are responsible for the deposit of $250 USD, $1,500 USD internship fee, airfare, housing, and any incidental expenses. Technion offers scholarships for need-based students.

Cornell students are expected to do on-campus research internships rather than off campus industry internships due to public transportation travel restrictions. Also please note that Cornell does not award degree credit for internships. Any transfer credit for academic course work should be pre-approved using a transfer credit form available here:

Deadline to apply for an internship is March 15.

Deadline to apply for classes is May 31.

For any program specific questions, please contact the summer programs coordinator at:

For credit transfer questions, please contact Engineering Advising at

Research Experience for Undergraduates at UC Irvine

Cultivating the IoT-Enabled Smart Community (IoT-SITY), June 25 - August 18, 2017

Application Deadline: Monday, May 1st at 11:59 PM PST

This program is 8-weeks of hands-on research guided by faculty mentors and graduate students. Also included are guest speakers, lab tours, and field trips. Program provides a $4K stipend plus room and board, with travel allowance up to $600.

Internet of Things (IoT) Research Domains:

Computer Architecture and Design, Cyber-physical Systems, Embedded Systems, Human Computer Interaction, Transportation Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Hydrologic System Modeling, Multimedia Computing Networks and Distributed Systems, and Intelligent Structure.

Application Requirements:

Online application: by May 1, 2017; resumé, and two letters of recommendation.

Contact Information: Dr. Sharnnia Artis,

University Of California, San Diego

The University of California, San Diego is currently taking applications for a 10-week paid summer undergraduate Engineering internship. The UC San Diego Engineers for Exploration program is a full-time research experience that provides the unique experience of developing technology to drive future exploration. You will be working and collaborating with explorers and conservationists at organizations such as the San Diego Zoo, National Geographic, El Zotz Maya Archaeological Site, Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute, California Wolf Center, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography. For more information, please visit our website:

Application due date is Wednesday, February 15th. Applications received by this date will receive full consideration. Applications will continue to be accepted through March 15th if positions are not yet filled. 

Application website:

Please feel free to email if you have any questions.  

See this page for a list of summer undergraduate research programs which includes an indicator to show which listings are open to international students studying at US institutions:




On-Campus Opportunities

Summer Research Opportunities in ECE for Freshmen

The Cornell School of Electrical and Computer Engineering announces the Cornell ECE Early Career Research Scholars Program. This program is designed for students between their freshmen and sophomore years in the College of Engineering who intend to major in ECE. Students will apply together with a faculty mentor. The application process and deadlines are the same as the Engineering Learning Initiatives' program: Contact Professor David Albonesi with questions.

Engineering/Field Biology Collaborative Research

A summer internship is available this summer for a qualified student to join the TABER tag team of biologists and engineers who work with very small (<1g) solar-powered tags to track small birds through their annual cycles of movement. We have two projects we will be pursuing--one is the refinement of a digital turnstile system that uses a system of base-station receivers across migratory concentration points to interrogate passing tags on migratory birds for the data they are storing in their on-board memories. The second project will be to refine a direction-finding receiver that uses the phase difference between the radio signals arriving at coupled antennas to estimate the direction of the incoming signal. Both these projects use the Raspberry Pi in conjunction with custom-built receiver dongles, and we are keen to involve students interested in working with embedded systems in projects that have real-world application to the study of wild animals.

If interested send an e-mail to Prof. David Winkler and Jim Moore and include a current resume with the names and phone numbers of at least three references.