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Global Recruiting

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Cornell Engineering students have the skills to succeed anywhere in the world! Over 120 countries are represented by our student body, which facilitates an inclusive environment and broader understanding of different cultures. Through interaction in classes, team projects, and campus life, Cornell Engineers know the value and importance of diversity and an open mind.

Cornell's academics and campus life creates students who are:

  • analytical problem-solvers
  • experienced team players who also posses motivation to work independently
  • bilingual
  • skilled in oral, written and interpersonal communication
  • observant, detail oriented and high achieving
  • used to a fast paced environment and multiple priorities

Our students are eager to apply their knowledge and skills around the world.

The College of Engineering has made a commitment to increase the number of global Co-op and internship opportunities for undergraduate students.

If you would like to discuss how Cornell Engineers can meet your global recruiting needs, please complete the following form to be contacted by our Director.