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Like us! The Cornell University Office of Engineering Career Services' fan page will tell you about upcoming events and workshops, provide job search resources, links to career-related articles and videos, and more!


Cornell Engineering Career Center serves undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Engineering by providing resources for career exploration, development, and planning. We are also dedicated to building and maintaining relationships with employers seeking to recruit Cornell Engineering talent.


Inspire and empower Cornell Engineers to create lifelong career success.


Every Cornell Engineer experiences career satisfaction.


The greatest impact arises when career education is integrated in each student's life from day one as a Cornellian.


Achievement; Competency; Health; Integrity; Service

Location & Hours

201 Carpenter Hall; Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM- 4:30 PM
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Events Calendar

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Student Spotlight

Andrea Bowring

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Camisha Card

"I wanted to do something about the problems that we're having in our society today." read more