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Jobs and Internships

A successful job, internships or Co-op search often involves more than participating in on-campus recruiting. Here are some tips to help you find an opportunity that matches your interests. Throughout your search process, refer to the Career Guide and other Engineering Co-op and Career Services web pages for additional resources and advice. A Career Advisor can also assist you with this process; email us or schedule an appointment at 201 Carpenter Hall.

Assess: Understand Yourself Job Choices Logo

  • Identify your Values, Strengths, & Interests
  • Consider your time line, alternative plans, & budget

Research: Explore Your Options

  • Search through ECCS webpages
  • Utilize resources listed on the CCS Website and the Career Services Online Library using "key word" searches (search by interest area, location, industry, or other criteria); also visit the library in Barnes 103 or Carpenter 201
  • Network with: Employers (information sessions, career fairs, etc.) friends with work experience, Faculty, alumni, former employers and teachers, campus and professional associations, family and everyone you meet
  • Review former Co-op Job Summaries for ideas
  • Look for additional employers: Search the web by industry or geographic location
  • View employer web pages to learn more about the organization and the types of positions available

Market: Take Action

  • Fine tune your resume, cover letter, phone, networking, and interview skills (sign up for a mock interview)
  • Organize your search: Categorize (by industry, function, employers with/without advertised positions) and compile information to track process (use a spreadsheet and set up a schedule for applying, researching, contacting and following up)
  • Call employers to inquire about opportunities and express interest; view recruiter's business cards in 201 Carpenter Hall
  • Email your resume and cover letter to recruiters
  • Be persistent: follow-up if you don't hear from an employer by their stated deadline or after two weeks