We break the rules... Liz Wayne presenting to create a better future.

Breaking the Rules... Ilana Brito in her lab to create a new field

Challenging conventional thought... Lynden Archers researchers team to make better batteries.

Breaking the Rules to... Jeffrey Moses Research Group slow down time.

Cornell University in Action

Cornell Enginering URM students outside Duffield Hall

We're different.

Cornell Engineering has always defined diversity broadly, incorporating varying geographic, intellectual, ethnic, cultural, academic, and social elements that make our world a more vibrant place. The college’s commitment to a global view of diversity is an important element in ensuring that our teaching remains connected to real-world problems, our research remains relevant and cutting-edge, and our social composition includes a variety of voices, thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

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of the incoming first-year class are women
U.S. News & World Report ranking of Cornell Engineering among the best Graduate Schools of Engineering
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of Cornell Engineering undergraduates are under-represented minorities

Alumni Spotlights

Jen Weidman in Tanzania

Jen Weidman

Breaking the rules to make life better in Tanzania For many students and parents there are simple “rules for college:” you apply to several schools, you weigh your options, you enroll at the school th...

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Ray Li with his innovation to musci

Ray Li and Michael Ndubuisi

Breaking the rules to push the limits of imagination To play music, you need an instrument, right? You can pluck a string or vibrate a reed or strike a surface or force air through an opening. But whi...

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Breaking the Rules to Advance Science and Improve Lives

Discovery stretches across disciplines to find surprising answers to complex and challenging problems in such fields as nanoscience, biomedical engineering, molecular and cellular biology, advanced materials, and information science. Come find out for yourself!

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BME Special Seminar - César de al Fuente, PhD

We next welcome Dr. César de al Fuente from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "Engineering Biology to Make Novel Medicines" Abstract: Proteins perform the cellular tasks required for life. Th...

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