Course Reservation Request for Collaborative R-25 and/or DL Rooms

The purpose of this reservation form is to coordinate courses that want to use special function rooms in the engineering college. These include rooms designed for distance learning, active learning, or design type environment type group collaboration. This is coordination only, but will be used to prioritize pre-booking of these rooms by the Engineering Registrar after pre-registration, but prior to the "bulk-run" by the University for R-25 room allocation. (If you are looking to reserve engineering classrooms for events, please use this link: and do not fill out the form below. The form below is intended just for courses.)

Configuration (see slides)Room NumberCapacityDistance Learning

Design/ problem based learning

Upson 142 (+146/+152)

84       (+23/+22)

Hollister 31435No
Hollister 40142No
Phillips 20364 (tables and chairs for 4, plus 12 in barrel chairs that can moved easily into groups (barrel chairs are modern, swivel tablet arm chairs on wheels)No
Barrel chair seating/ mix of lecture and active learningUpson 10229Yes
Upson 20228Yes
Table based rooms/ mix of lecture and active learning (Optional distance learning)Upson 20648Yes
Upson 21660Yes
Upson 22240Yes
Mixed seating rooms/ mix of lecture and active learningUpson 14623No
Upson 15222No
  • What is the structure of the course and how will it effectively use the capabilities of the room.
  • Which features of the room are critical to teaching the course.
Will your class need to use distance learning?