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Toolbox for Effective Online Learning:

Preparing To Teach Remotely:

Webinars from CTI on how to Teach Online (Some of the Webinars are Recorded):

Synchronous Interactions:

Recordings/Asynchronous Interactions:

Setting Up in Canvas and Getting Started with Recording:

Even More Advance Chat and Breakouts:

Virtual Classroom Management Quick Walk-Throughs:

  • Zoom Breakouts Video (VOD)                                                                                                                       
  • Zoom Chat Video (VOD)

Remote Teaching:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Hardware Recommendations:

If you would like help ordering hardware, please contact us at We can provide recommendations on the devices that are available -- with many devices on back order, the best choice may vary from day to day.

Document Camera Recommendations:

Look for USB connectivity with included Viewing software. This will allow you to easily share the document camera content to a Zoom meeting or to include it in a Panopto recording. Ipevo makes good document cameras and has plenty of resources online about using them with common collaboration software.

Webcam Recommendations:

Many webcams are currently on back order, but anything that does at least 720p and has a built-in microphone will be adequate for Zoom. The Logitech C930e is recommended by CIT, but it is on back order or being sold at a higher price by resellers in many places.

A Jabra or ClearOne USB microphone/speaker combination will help prevent echo and allow for a higher-quality audio experience, especially if you will be typing on a laptop during your sessions. Calling into Zoom via phone for audio is also an option.