FA21 COE/CIS Mid-Semester Feedback Surveys

Dear Faculty,

The McCormick Teaching Excellence Institute, MTEI, is running mid-semester feedback surveys in most engineering and many CIS courses this fall.  Please encourage your students to take the survey so you get representative feedback.  If you want to give credit for completion, we can tell you who participated.

The table below shows the survey launch dates by department.   Departments, except MAE, will have the survey open across fall break, so we are giving approximately 2 weeks for the students to complete the survey to avoid pressure to work on it over break. Reminders are only sent to students who haven’t completed the survey.    The close dates may be adjusted depending on response rate, but students who haven’t completed the survey will all be sent a warning at least a day before the survey closes.  

There are a few opt-out courses in the “all courses” departments, due to the faculty already running their own surveys, which have already been communicated via the departments.

If your department is opt-in, send Kathy Dimiduk, klc78, and email if you would like your course included.   We don’t want to double survey students, so these departments shared between 2 colleges are opt-in.  Since many faculty in CS are opted in, we switched CS to all ugrad and Meng courses are included to reduce the communications burden on everyone.

DeptModeLaunch DateTentative Close Date
MAEAll coursesThursday, Sept. 30thThursday, Oct. 7th
AEPAll coursesThursday, Sept. 30thWednesday, Oct. 13th
CBEAll coursesFriday, Oct. 1stWednesday, Oct. 13th
CEEAll coursesFriday, Oct. 1stThursday, Oct. 14th
ORIEAll coursesFriday, Oct. 1stThursday, Oct. 14th
BMEAll coursesMonday, Oct. 4thMonday, Oct. 17th
SYSENAll coursesMonday, Oct. 4thMonday, Oct. 17th
MSEAll coursesTuesday, Oct 5thTuesday, Oct. 19th
ECEAll coursesTuesday, Oct 5thTuesday, Oct 19th

All courses below 5999

Opt-in for 6000 and above.

Wednesday, Oct 6thWednesday, Oct. 19th
ISOpt-inWednesday, Oct. 6thWednesday, Oct. 19th
ECPOpt-inWednesday Oct. 6thThursday, Oct. 20th
BEE, EAS, STSCI, Cornell TechOpt-inWednesday, Oct. 6thThursday, Oct. 20th
Another courseOpt-inWednesday, Oct 6thThursday, Oct. 20th

Individual course reports are sent to faculty, usually a couple of days after the survey closes.

For your information, separate TA evaluations have already been launched by Engineering Learning Initiatives (ELI) and will close on Wed. Oct. 6th at 9 AM.  Faculty will get copies of their TA’s reports when they are sent out by ELI (ta-develop-eli@cornell.edu), hopefully 1-2 weeks after the survey closes.

Questions regarding the course mid-semester feedback should go to Kathy Dimiduk, klc78, and questions from students regarding issues with course feedback survey access should go to Orlay Santa, ods8.


Kathryn Dimiduk
Director, James McCormick Family Teaching Excellence Institute