Reservations for Duffield Hall Rooms

Duffield Hall is dedicated to teaching and research in science and engineering. As such, the building is used by students and researchers 24 hours a day, all year long. Areas can be sectioned off for specific use but the building is never closed. If you are considering using Duffield for an event, you should be prepared to be a co-user along with students, faculty, and researchers. Pedestrian through-traffic and daily student and campus business may limit plans to use large areas for an exclusive purpose. For more details on each room type, click on the title of the room.

Those wishing to reserve Duffield Hall space should submit a completed copy of the online reservation form. Final confirmation will be made upon receipt of the submitted Rental Contract. If you later discover that changes are necessary for your event, please contact the Duffield Hall coordinator immediately at 607 255-4109 orĀ