Audio Visual for Duffield Hall

Audio-visual, video conferencing, and other communications technology capabilities are available for use under the responsibility of the event coordinator.

The Young Colloquium Room has a rear projection SMART Board capable of displaying from a user provided laptop or from a built-in networked computer with USB access and wireless keyboard and mouse. The Smart Board provides a high level of interaction and electronic capture of meeting notes and annotations among other features. The colloquium room also has video conferencing and DVD/VCR capability. Both seminar rooms have computer projection capability. A video conferencing system and DVD/VCR player are also available in the McCurdy Seminar Room.

The central atrium has electronic displays that that provide various types of information and can be used to post notices about events; email Under special circumstances, these electronic displays may be available for events. No other signs or banners may be posted without special approval.

We have instituted the following guidelines regarding noise and music for Duffield Hall events:

  1. No amplified music in the atria between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on non-holiday weekdays.
  2. Music setup must be approved; preferred direction for music in the Baum Atrium is away from Upson.
  3. Event planners for events with amplified sound or expected high sound levels are responsible for keeping doors between Duffield and Upson closed during their event. This includes Upson first floor doors and fire doors at bridges.

No other audio-visual equipment is provided. Contact the facilities coordinator for procedures and permissions associated with the use of networking, AV, music, posting and other special considerations.