Catering for Duffield Hall

Only professional caterers and equipment / furniture rental companies pre-approved by Cornell University may be used. The university has a process for approving events that must be followed.  Please go to for event information and procedure for the University Event Registration Form. A list of approved caterers is available online.  No other personal or self-catering by event participants will be allowed.

All caterers accepted into Duffield Hall must have liability insurance coverage up to $1,000,000, must have Cornell University listed by name on their policy, and must have the appropriate health licenses. Copies of this documentation must be on file with Cornell's Risk Management office (please contact Cornell Risk Management for full details: 607-254-1575, All arrangements with caterers are the responsibility of the event coordinator, who will keep the Duffield Hall coordinator informed of the caterer's arrival time and other event requirements. Duffield Hall provides no tables, chairs, dining wares, utensils, or other provisions for food service: contact Cornell Dining at for information on access to food preparation areas. The limited furniture that is used in the normal configuration of Duffield Hall public space is available for use.