Partitions set up in Duffield Hall
Example of partitions set up in Duffield Hall

It is the responsibility of the user to provide any additional furniture required beyond the tables and chairs provided. No furniture may be moved into the reserved spaces from any other Duffield Hall space. Provided furniture may only be removed by special prior arrangement and then only to a location specified by the building manager.

All furniture rearrangements are the responsibility of the user. Any user furniture or other items must be removed, surfaces cleared, and the initial furniture arrangement and connections restored by the user by the end of the reservation period so the space(s) will be immediately available for the next user(s). The colloquium room and the two seminar rooms have nearby coat racks, computer projection capabilities, room darkening shades, wireless and wired network connections which may require a computer registration and reboot, and conference phones which require a long distance code to call out. Contact the facilities coordinator if additional network capability is needed.

Up to eight portable partitions can be rented to facilitate display of posters and other artwork, as well as sectioning off event areas. Each partition is 82 inches high by 24 feet 9 inches long. The length is made up of hinged sections on wheels which allow it to be placed where needed and configured in a linear, serpentine, or other pattern. Posters can be tacked to both sides. Depending on the size of the posters, more than 100 can be accommodated if all partitions are used. Two (2) partitions rent for $100, five (5) for $200, and eight (8) for $300 for each event.

There are 4-4 foot, 20-6 foot and 20-8 foot rectangular folding tables that can be rented for $6.00 each per day. They must be reserved in advance, preferably at the time the space is reserved. The tables are not allowed out of Duffield Hall for any reason.