Safety at Duffield Hall

All fire and general security procedures must be followed. If an emergency occurs, notify responders with appropriate signals via emergency phone, 911, fire pull box, or other means. If a fire or gas alarm activates, then you must leave immediately. In these situations the elevator will not be available, and guests in the conference rooms will proceed down the fire stairs. University security or emergency personnel on duty will take charge of all evacuation procedures during this period.

Event organizers have overall responsibility for event safety and following all legal requirements and university policy regarding safety. The event coordinator and any contracted service provider (for example, the caterer) shall follow the requirements and guidelines of which discusses general event safety, including important topics such as applicable permits, crowd management and seating, exits and aisles, decorations, open flames, cooking devices and BBQs, electrical equipment, fire protection, stakes and posts, tents, emergencies, and contact information.

Additional building specific event safety limitations must also be followed including the placement and proper securing of outdoor cooking equipment and propane tanks away from where fuel and other flammable/hazardous materials are stored and special limitations for where food can be staged and furniture placed so as to not block room and building exit paths. These must be specifically discussed and approved by the building manager or Cornell Environmental Health and Safety before the event.