Set Up/Clean Up and Closures

Set Up/Clean Up

The Duffield Hall building manager will work with the event coordinator to section off the event areas, prior to the event setup or caterers' arrival time. The area will be sectioned off with stanchions or partitions that can be rented; these are available from the facilities coordinator. No permanent changes to the building or premises are allowed including drilling of holes or use of nails, screws, and tape on building walls. The event coordinator should allow ample time for the event, including set-up and clean-up. Additional rental fees will be charged if the event goes past the scheduled time.

The area rented must be left neat and clean, all furniture returned to its original location, and all rented equipment or furniture removed from the premises. Caterers and the event coordinator are responsible for removing trash from the building.

Custodial service is arranged for major atria users and is the users' responsibility; however, if more than reasonable clean-up is needed, the group will forfeit the security deposit and may be charged extra fees. Users pay an overtime rate for each custodian needed beyond the normal weekday 5:00 am to 1:30pm day shift and single custodian 2:30pm to 11pm night shift. Typically, custodial coverage will be arranged from two hours before to one hour after an event. Small events require one custodian while events of more than 100 will require two.

Likewise, any furniture movement by Cornell Trade Assistants is arranged by agreement between the event coordinator and the facilities coordinator but will be the user's responsibility.

Any damage to Duffield Hall facilities or equipment beyond normal wear and tear will be reported to the event coordinator within a week. The group is responsible for the repair and/or replacement cost associated with such damage.


The university will be closed due to inclement weather if roads in Tompkins County are officially closed and may be closed for other emergencies. It is the responsibility of the event coordinator to be aware of university closure announcements via local media, the campus emergency notification system, by checking via phone at 607 255-3377, or other methods (see Special Conditions Information). In the event of a university closure, building and support staff will not normally be on campus, and it is assumed that all events and meetings will be canceled. If the event coordinator wants to proceed to have their event or meeting (for example, if attendees are already on campus and food and other services are not required) they must call the facilities director (607 327-0368) or building manager to confer, make a final decision, and provide notification.