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Sidney Kaufman (1930, AB; 1934, Ph.D.) collected the first off-shore seismic reflection profile and as chief of a water seismic crew that normally operated in bays, marshes, inlets and lagoons, Kaufman found a rock formation that extended from a bay near Corpus Christi into the Gulf. When his boss discovered what he was doing, he said "What the hell are you doing in 65 feet of water? You know we can't drill out there" and Kaufman returned to land. Decades later, the company put his findings to work in offshore production.His studies helped lead to petroleum production in the Gulf of Mexico. Kaufman later return to Cornell as a professor in geophysics.

Undergraduate enrollment: 3150
Male: 58.1%
Female: 41.84%
Under-represented Minority: 15.36%
International: 10.41%
Graduate enrollment: 2115
Male: 67 %
Female: 33 %
Under-represented Minority: 6 %
International: 58 %
Engineering programs  
Undergraduate Majors: 14
Undergraduate Minors: 20
M.S./Ph.D. Fields: 16
Master of Engineering Fields: 15

Number of UG engineering courses taught annually: ~ 450  

Number of Faculty: 247

Number of living alumni: ~46,600 

Year College of Engineering was founded: 1870  

*all figures accurate as of 5/27/2016

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