English Immersion students in restaurant

What the M.Eng. English Immersion Program Includes

This program is designed to focus on the oral communication skills and aspects of U.S. culture that professional masters students need for success in academic and professional settings. This program includes:

  • interactive and engaging courses on English pronunciation, presentation skills, discussion, and U.S. academic culture taught by experienced and credentialed professionals in teaching ESL (course descriptions)
  • social events including tours of campus and Ithaca, local music, shopping areas, restaurants, and parks
  • ongoing private tutoring to strengthen pronunciation skills and improve your confidence in communicating in English
  • presentations on campus resources specific to the international M.Eng. student experience
  • job search preparation, including coaching on writing resumes and cover letters, interviewing, and networking
  • familiarization with the city bus system, grocery stores, and other places of importance to daily life