Enrollment Deferrals

Admitted first-year Cornell Engineering students may be able to apply for a one- or two-year deferred entry. Requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Engineering Admissions Office and have been granted in previous years for a variety of reasons.

Requesting Enrollment Deferral

The deadline for requesting deferrals has passed. However, the University will consider requests on a case-by-case basis. Use this form to submit your deferral request for consideration. If your request is approved, you will need to fill out the College of Engineering's form as well.

Reasons for Enrollment Deferral

Cornell Engineering will consider enrollment deferral requests for the following reasons:

  •     Military Service (see military enrollment deferral form for specifics)
  •     Religious
  •     International students in the process of gaining a green card (one year only)
  •     Research, Work, and Internship Opportunities related to educational goals
  •     Athletic Development (Recruited Athletes)

Cornell Engineering rarely approves enrollment deferral requests for:

  •     Financial reasons (e.g. international students denied aid; students wishing to work a year in order to pay for college)
  •     Educational reasons (studying elsewhere regardless of whether or not the program includes college credit)
  •     Deferral plans that are not well-developed
  •     Fall transfer enrolling students


If you are granted an enrollment deferral, the following conditions apply:

  1. You must officially accept your offer of admission from Cornell University.
  2. You must submit a $400 deposit reserving your place in a future class of Cornell Engineers. (Note: An $800 deposit is required for two-year deferrals). 
  3. You must formally withdraw your application(s) from any college/university to which you have applied.
  4. You must formally decline your offer(s) of admission from any college/university to which you have been admitted.
  5. You must not enroll as a full-time student at another college/university during your deferral period.

Please note: If you are granted a deferral of admission, you will begin to receive information in the spring prior to enrolling at Cornell to help you prepare for your arrival. It is your responsibility to apprise the university of any changes in your mailing address and/or email address.

Students admitted from the waitlist are expected to enroll for the upcoming fall semester and are rarely granted deferrals.