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AEW Schedule

To enroll in an AEW, please visit the Engineering General Interest (ENGRG) courses listed in the course roster at  If you have any questions, please contact Engineering Learning Initiatives at .

Fall 2021 AEW Schedule - AEWs begin Wednesday, September 8, 2021, for fall semester:

Core CourseDay/Time Offered
CHEM 2090

M, T, W, R, F 2:40-4:35pm

M 7:30-9:25pm

W 7:30-9:25pm

CS 1110

M, R, F 2:40-4:35pm

W 7:30-9:25pm

CS 1112

M 7:30-9:25pm

CS 2110 F 2:40-4:35pm
CS 2800

M 7:30-9:25pm

T 2:40-4:35pm

CS 3110 

W 7:30-9:25pm

R 2:40-4:35pm

MATH 1910

T, F 2:40-4:35pm

W 7:30-9:25pm

MATH 1920

T, W, R, F 2:40-4:35pm

F 12:25-2:20pm

M, W 7:30-9:25pm

Math 2930

M 7:30-9:25pm

F 2:40-4:35pm

Math 2940

M 7:30-9:25pm

W 2:40-4:35pm 

Engrd 2700

W 7:30-9:25pm