Tuition and Fees for Co-op Summer Session

Effective April 2020: Administration of Co-op Summer Session courses has transferred to the School of Continuing Education. All courses will be charged per credit hour at the Summer Session tuition rate.

For tuition details, enrollment dates, and deadlines, please visit the School of Continuing Education website.



2020 Tuition & Fees

All students must pay tuition and any fees in full on or before Registration Day (check or money order; no cash or credit cards). Failure to do so may result in a $100 late fee. 

Summer tuition charges will be reflected on CASHNet in May and on Student Center in late April as enrollments are processed. Please note that the correct tuition due dates for the summer will not be reflected on Student Center and CASHNet (all summer tuition charges are due by May 26)

Students paying full-tuition for the summer may sign-up for the Cornell Installment Plan. They must contact the Bursar's office to sign-up before summer classes begin. More information can be obtained from the Bursar.  

Financial Aid

  • If you have questions about financial aid for Co-op, please contact the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment at 607-255-5145, or stop by to meet with a Financial Aid Counselor in 203 Day Hall between noon and 3:30.
  • Cornell Installment Plan users must enroll in CASHNet.
  • Co-op Program students: Cornell Financial Aid will apply to Summer Session. The Engineering Career Center can write letters to scholarship foundations to explain that the Summer term will be replacing the Fall (or Spring) semester and that students will be full-time students during the Summer semester. 

If you are an Engineering Co-op student seeking financial aid, note that the deadline is March 1st. 

  • If you anticipate taking 12 or more summer session credits, the 2020-2021 continuing student application renewal process must be completed by March 1 in order to register for full-time summer enrollment.
    NOTE: You can begin your application in early January 2020 (suggested). You will need to submit tax information from 2018.
  • If you anticipate taking 6-11 summer credits, you may apply for need-based loans.
  • If you anticipate taking fewer than 6 summer credits, you may apply for alternative (private) loans.

The financial aid application requirements for Co-op students are the same as those for any other continuing student, but your deadline will be March 1. Your summer financial aid package will be fairly similar to your standard academic year semester aid award. Awards are based on your tuition plus allowances for room, board, personal expenses, and books.

While the spring semester family contribution will be the same as the summer contribution, your financial aid award may be different to reflect the spring semester’s higher cost of attendance (the summer semester has fewer weeks of enrollment). Note that financial aid is based on the actual tuition charge and the number of credits.

All students receiving aid are expected to contribute to their educational costs. The ‘Summer Savings Expectation’ portion of the family contribution reflects this student obligation. Since you are going to be taking classes over the summer, your summer session family contribution includes an ‘Other Resources’ component equal to one-half of the Summer Savings Expectation.

Outside scholarships can usually be applied to the summer in place of an academic semester; the Co-op staff can write a letter to your scholarship foundation or sponsor to assist with this process.