Co-op Summer Session Dates and Deadlines

Co-op Summer Session dates for 2020:

Session I - May 26-July 2
Session II - July 6-August 14


2020 Online Enrollment:

Enroll on-line through University Summer Session.

Add/Drop (Change in Enrollment): These requests must be submitted through the Continuing Education/Summer Sessions office.
Note: If dropping a course, co-op students who fall below 12 credits will not be considered to have full-time enrollment for financial aid. If you are considering whether to drop below 12 credits, please consult with your academic department and financial aid to understand the implications of being below 12 credits.

Registration Deadline: May 26 (payment due in full at this time). Representatives from the Bursar’s Office, Financial Aid, and University Summer Session are available for assistance. For information about Cornell student health insurance requirements and Student Health Benefits, please visit  

Financial Aid application deadline for Co-op Summer Session is March 1st.

Financial aid application requirements for Co-op students are the same as those for any continuing student, except that the application deadline is March 1. Your summer aid package will be similar to your standard semester aid award. Awards are based on your tuition plus allowances for room, board, personal expenses, and books.

NOTE: You can start your financial aid application as early as January 2020 (suggested). 2018 tax documents will be needed for the application.

2020 Refund Schedule: Refer to Tuition Refund Schedules for Summer Session on the School of Continuing Education website.

Add/Drop (Change in Enrollment) forms can be found on the Summer Sessions website. Forms must be submitted directly to the Summer Sessions office.

Summer Add/Drop Deadlines: View Summer Sessions Special Programs or contact School of Continuing Education.

Students taking Co-op Summer Session classes may ONLY make changes to their schedules via Change in Enrollment form after May 26. Change in Enrollment forms must be submitted directly to the Summer Sessions office.