Tips for working remotely from IT Service Groups

The Cornell Engineering and CIS IT team would like to share various tools and services available for working remotely and away from your office:

Common working remotely options include:

  • Using a work laptop remotely - please review these instructions:
    • Please consider taking the laptop with you whenever you leave campus.
  • Using your own personal computer to remote-in to your work computer.
  • Using an off-site computer to remote-in to a virtual workstation if your work computer is not remotely accessible.
    • This virtual workstation option is presently under construction. 

Please be aware of the following remote tools accessible from most work and personal computing devices, without a VPN connection:

  1. Webmail Access through Outlook: 
  2. Cornell G Suite
  3. Zoom Video Conferencing for meetings:  
  4. Cornell’s Box for document sharing:
  5. - cloud-based Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Please carefully review the following solutions now for working remotely: 

  • Business Phone forwarding – please submit a ticket if your phone should have a forward after so many rings.
  • Two-Factor Authentication - how you are setup to acknowledge the system verification in order to work remotely.  
    • If using “Call Me” for verification, set where you wish to receive the call. 
    • If using a dongle/hardware token for verification, consider where you store the dongle off-site for access.
    • If using the Duo Push app consider whether you need to install it in various/alternate locations.
    • We recommend that you be prepared to use at least two methods in case your first choice is unavailable.
  • Web Links - check that you have campus resources bookmarked or documented for easy access.
  • VPN - check that your VPN is configured and working now, as per
  • Microsoft Office -  licensed access to software to install a local version of office on a personal computer.

Please remember to email ITSG for support or questions Please email and put “remote access planning” in the subject line.

In addition, for remote work questions, there is HR guidance posted.