Cornell Initiative for Digital Agriculture (CIDA) Seminar Series: DA curriculum roundtable




Join CIDA for a roundtable discussion on cross-college, collaborative courses and the development of DA curriculum. Faculty from VIEN 4940- Robots, Food, and Wine, AEM 4880 - Global Food, Energy, and Water Nexus, and ANSC 3510- Dairy Herd Management will provide an overview of their courses and their perspective on co-teaching across different disciplines and colleges. An interdisciplinary group of Cornell University faculty began meeting in early 2017 to formulate an Initiative for Digital Agriculture, believing that Cornell is uniquely equipped to lead in this emerging arena that will benefit the public for generations. We define DA to mean the application of computational and information technologies coupled with nanotechnology, biology, systems engineering and economics to both the research and operational sides of agriculture and food production. With approximately 100 faculty from 5 Cornell colleges participating, we are collaborating with external stakeholders to shape and implement a research agenda for DA that will build a pipeline of discovery and innovations for the next 10+ years. Live Stream: Meeting ID: 976 3629 8817 Passcode: cida