Cornell Initiative for Digital Agriculture (CIDA) Seminar Series: "The Lower Hanging Fruit: a new approach to field robotics for digital agriculture" - Kirstin Petersen



Bill and Melinda Gates Hall 122


Autonomous perception, navigation, and manipulation in agricultural fields present significant challenges. The current prevalent method in robotics is to deal with these issues through big data and added computation, sophisticated sensing, and more dexterous actuation. In this seminar, Professor Kirstin Petersen will argue for a different approach to digital agriculture in which robotic systems are carefully optimized for the task at hand, leading to simpler and more robust yet potentially more powerful solutions. Kirstin Petersen is an Assistant Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell University, with field appointments in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science. Her research focuses on a variety of topics including swarm intelligence, embodied intelligence, soft robotics, and bio-hybrid systems towards applications spanning autonomous construction, human-swarm interaction, and digital agriculture. The Cornell Initiative for Digital Agriculture (CIDA), a faculty led initiative focused on creating a strong voice in the emerging area of Digital Agriculture (DA), invites Asst. Professor Petersen to present her research for CIDA’s monthly seminar series. Live Stream: