EDS Seminar: Ray T. Chen, UT Austin


Phillips Hall 233


Silicon Nano-Photonics for Computation, Interconnects and Sensing Abstract: In this seminar, an overview of the silicon photonics as well as a potential trend for 2020 and beyond will be provided. First, the recent development of optical components including passive and active modules as well as optical circuits in silicon photonics will be presented. Second, as Moore's law has been approaching the physical limitation, photonics-based high-performance computing is envisioned as a potential answer to the continuation of Moore's law. We propose and experimentally demonstrate a new photonics-assisted full adder which is capable of operating at a higher frequency than electrical counterparts while consuming less power. This paves the way to the future integrated high-speed and power-efficient optical computing. Sensing related applications will also be addressed in the presentation. Finally, silicon photonics for bio-and chemical sensing applications such as CWAs (chemical warfare agents) will also be presented.