Energy Engineering Seminar: Andrew Melvin, Ulteig Engineers




Utility Scale Solar Design and the Grid As the US grid and energy makeup shift from fossil fuels to renewables, utility scale photovoltaics (solar electric systems) are being developed and installed faster than ever. This talk will touch on Andrew's 13 years in the solar industry focusing on how engineers are leading the way to reduce the cost of install of solar farms to bring it from an expensive luxury item to now being the cheapest form of electricity. Biography: Andrew is an experienced design and performance engineer with 13+ years of expertise in solar design and performance modeling from the smallest residential systems to the largest utility scale solar projects. He is proficient in solar plant design including siting & wiring to NEC requirements, in particular with regards to potential shading and performance, energy modeling including PVsyst, Helioscope, SAM and others, value engineering, monitoring & commissioning, and design automation. Andrew has over 7 years of utility scale solar specific experience including development and siting paying particular attention to improving project value, working with landowners & utilities, managing 3rd party engineers and has been involved in nearly every aspect of engineering during a project’s life from initial site identification through maintenance after completion.