Intel CBE Graduate Symposium



The annual CBE Graduate Symposium brings students and faculty together with alumni and industry representatives to demonstrate the remarkable and innovative research investigated by the academic community. We provide this opportunity to promote personal growth in students, while connecting them with professionals. Oral presentations: PhD candidates will present their research on both days of the symposium and will have the opportunity to answer questions from the audience. Poster presentations: 3rd year PhD and 2nd year MS students will present posters on their research in the form of videos. The videos will be posted on our website from January 13-21 for everyone to view. The top 6 presentations as selected by student judges will be featured on January 21. Career Panel: We will be hosting a panel 11 industry representatives, most of whom are Cornell CBE alumni, in which you will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from peers in industry. Science as Art: Members of the CBE community will have submitted artistic images from their research, which will be posted on the website with a Google form for everyone to vote on their favorite "artwork".