LASSP & AEP Seminar by Jason Alicea (California Institute of Technology)


Clark Hall 700


Jason Alicea
William K. Davis Professor of Theoretical Physics
California Institute of Technology

A spin-on topological quantum computation

Certain exotic phases of matter support non-Abelian anyons -- emergent particles that can be exploited for intrinsically fault-tolerant quantum computing. Recent experiments spotlight spin-orbit-coupled magnetic insulators as an enticing potential non-Abelian anyon platform. Due to their insulating character, however, the roadmap from initial experiments to applications in this setting calls for a fresh perspective. In this talk I will partially fill in this roadmap by proposing strategies for creating, manipulating, and detecting anyons in magnetic insulators using tools borrowed from spintronics and the quantum Hall effect.  I will also propose new strategies for non-Abelian-anyon generation in Rydberg atom arrays, where a similar roadmap can be deployed. 

Hosted by Debanjan Chowdhury

Pizza served starting at 12:10 p.m.
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For those who cannot attend in person but would like to see the seminar, livestream only will be available via Zoom:
Webinar ID: 987 2279 9978
Passcode: 8235