Alexandra Silva is a theoretical computer scientist whose main research focuses on semantics of programming languages and modular development of algorithms for computational models. A lot of her work uses the unifying perspective offered by coalgebra, a mathematical framework established in the last decades. Alexandra is currently a Professor at Cornell University, and she was previously a Professor at University College London. She received her bachelor's degree from Universidade do Minho and PhD degree from Radboud University Nijmegen, having carried out her graduate work at CWI, the Dutch national research center for Mathematics and Computer Science.

Selected Publications

Tiago Ferreira, Harrison Brewton, Loris D'Antoni, Alexandra Silva:
Prognosis: closed-box analysis of network protocol implementations. SIGCOMM 2021: 762-774

Steffen Smolka, Nate Foster, Justin Hsu, Tobias Kappé, Dexter Kozen, Alexandra Silva:
Guarded Kleene algebra with tests: verification of uninterpreted programs in nearly linear time. Proc. ACM Program. Lang. 4(POPL): 61:1-61:28 (2020)

Jialu Bao, Simon Docherty, Justin Hsu, Alexandra Silva:
A Bunched Logic for Conditional Independence. LICS 2021: 1-14

Todd Schmid, Tobias Kappé, Dexter Kozen, Alexandra Silva:
Guarded Kleene Algebra with Tests: Coequations, Coinduction, and Completeness. ICALP 2021: 142:1-142:14

Gerco van Heerdt, Clemens Kupke, Jurriaan Rot, Alexandra Silva:
Learning Weighted Automata over Principal Ideal Domains. FoSSaCS 2020: 602-621

Selected Awards and Honors

ERC Consolidator grant (2020)
POPL Distinguished paper award (2020)
Roger Needham Award (2018)
Presburger Award (2017)
ERC Starting grant (2015)