Francis DiSalvo

Francis DiSalvo

John A. Newman Professor, Emeritus
Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Baker Laboratory, Room 102


The DiSalvo Group synthesizes, characterizes, and tests nanoscale materials for possible application to new energy systems. Such materials include solid state oxides, nitrides, or intermetallic compounds. Possible applications are catalysts or catalyst supports for fuel cells or electrodes for batteries.

Research Interests

Solid state chemistry, materials for fuel cells and thermoelectrics, nanoparticle synthesis, nitride compounds 

Teaching Interests

CHEM 4210 - Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry Research

Selected Publications

  • Coalescence in the thermal annealing of nanoparticles: An in situ STEM study of the growth mechanisms of ordered Pt–Fe nanoparticles in a KCl matrix.Chemistry of Materials.  25:1436-1442. 2013
  • Infiltrating sulfur in a hierarchical architecture MWCNT@meso C core-shell nanocomposites for lithium-sulfur batteries. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.  15:9051-9057. 2013
  • Mesoporous VN prepared by solid–solid phase separation.Journal of Solid State Chemistry.  197:398-401. 2013
  • Mesoporous chromium nitride as a high performance non-carbon support for the oxygen reduction reaction. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.  15:7041-7044. 2013
  • Mesoporous chromium nitride as high performance catalyst support for methanol electrooxidation. Chemistry of Materials.  25:1783-1787. 2013


  • PhD, Stanford University
  • BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology