K.K. Wang

K.K. Wang

Professor Emeritus
Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Upson Hall 410
Sibley School Professor of Engineering Emeritus


Wang received the Blackall Machine Tool and Gage Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1968 for his outstanding paper published in the field; in 1976 he was one of four internationally selected recipients of the Adams Memorial Membership Award of the American Welding Society; and in 1977 he was selected to receive the first TRW Fellowship in manufacturing engineering. He is a member of the International Institution for Production Engineering Research (CIRP) and the National Academy of Engineering; he is a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Research Interests

Professor Wang's largest area of research involves the injection molding of polymers. This project is aimed at the development of an integrated system for mold design, mold making, and process control, starting from a basic knowledge of fluid mechanics, materials engineering, and computer technology. A computer-based system approach is used to address problems involving the computer-aided design and manufacturing of molds, simulation of molding dynamics, characterization of rheological properties of polymers, the mechanical properties of molded parts, and control of the injection-molding process.

Selected Publications

  • Chiang, H. H., C. A. Hieber, and K. K. Wang; "A unified simulation of the filling and postfilling stages in injection molding: Part 1. Formulaton; Part 2. Experimental verification," Polymer Engineering and Science 31(2) 116-39, 1991.
  • Himasekhar, K., J. Lottey, and K. K. Wang; "CAE of mold cooling in injection molding using a three-dimensional numerical simulation," Journal of Engineering for Industry, 114213-21, 1992.
  • Sambandan, K., K. Kedem, and K. K. Wang; "Generalized planar sweeping of polygons," Journal of Manufacturing Systems 11(4) 246-57, 1992.
  • Santhanam, N., H. H. Chiang, K. Himasekhar, P. Tuschak, and K. K. Wang; "Postmolding and load-induced deformation analysis of plastic parts in the injection molding process," Advances in Polymer Technology, 11(2) 77-89, 1992.
  • Chiang, H. H., K. Himasekhar, N. Santhanam, and K. K. Wang; "Integrated simulation of fluid flow and heat transfer in injection molding for the prediction of shrinkage and warpage." Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology 115(1) 37-47, 1993.
  • Gupta, M., and K. K. Wang; "Fiber orientation properties of short-fiber-reinforced injection-molded composites: Simulated and experimental results," Polymer Composites, 14(10) 367-82, 1993.
  • Turng, L. S., V. W. Wang, and K. K. Wang; "Numerical simulation of the coinjection molding process," Journal of Engineerng Materials and Technology, 115(1) 46-53, 1993.