Fall '20 M.Eng. Virtual Class Offerings Based on the 6-12-12 Option

Concurrent Virtual Class Offerings for Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) Degree Programs for Fall 2020 based on the 6-12-12 Option

The M.Eng. is a one-year degree that adds value and experience for students interested in an industrial career. The enrollment is ~80% international students. Even if the pandemic is brought under control, many foreign consulates are closed and may not be able to process visas in time for Fall 2020.  So international students may not be able to enroll this Fall. Currently, international students require two semesters in residence to be eligible to work in the US.

We are offering as a possible option, the first semester (i.e. Fall 2020) with concurrent/virtual courses as an option for incoming international M.Eng. students who may not be able to come to campus in time, followed by two in residence semesters next year (i.e. Spring 2021 and Fall 2021) to complete 30 credits of the degree requirement and acquire the work eligibility in the US after Fall 2021.

Please note that the Department of Computer Science will not be offering this option. Each M.Eng. program has flexibility to accommodate a different number of online courses for the fall. Please consult with the M.Eng. Director of your program for details.

Details of Virtual Class Option for Fall 2020

  • Structure
    We offer incoming international M.Eng. Students C/V option for partial (6 credits) coursework in ’20 Fall, followed by entire on-campus coursework (12 credits) in ’21 Spring, and full on-campus coursework (12 credits) in ‘21 Fall.
  • Core Courses
BEEBEE 5951/BEE 5952
BMEBME 5500, BME 5911, BME 5510, BME 5010, BME 5100
CBECHEME 5200, CHEME 6800,      CHEME 4610 Concept of Product Design
CEECEE 4210 Renewable Energy, CEE 4320 Hydrology, CEE 4565 Waste Water Processes, CEE 5930 Data Analytics for Engineering Managers, CEE 5970 Risk Management, CEE 6640 Microeconomics of Discrete Choice, CEE 6648 Sustainable Transportation Systems Design
ECEECE 5830, ECE 5960
EMENMGT 5900, ENMGT 5930, ENMGT 5970, ENMGT 6020, ENMGT 5920
MAEMAE 5340 Innovative Product Design, MAE 5780 Feedback Controls, MAE 5700 Finite Element, MAE 5xxx Advanced Topics inn FEA, MAE 6900 M.Eng. Project, MAE 5910 Model Based Systems Engineering
ORIEMost courses offered from CFEM (NYC), the ORIE Career Practicum and Case Studies
SYS ENSYSEN 5100, SYSEN 5130, SYSEN 5220, SYSEN 5300, SYSEN 5700, SYSEN 5800, SYSEN 5900, SYSEN 6100
  • Electives
    • College-Wide Online Elective Course on Career Development for M.Eng. (ENGRG 5350). Kerry Spitze, M.Eng. Career Service Manager, taught ENGRG 5350 Career Planning for M.Eng. (1 cr.) last fall, and using existing eCornell's certificates, an online version of EGNRG 5350 will be available for fall 2020.
    • Computer Science Courses
      • CS 4780/5780 Machine Learning for Intelligence Systems, and CS 1133 Short Course in Python (2 credits) will be offered in collaboration with eCornell in Fall 2020.
    • Business Related Courses
      • Johnson Graduate School of Management (JGSM) plans to offer all of Graduate Management Business Admin (NBA), Graduate Management Common Core (NCC) and Graduate Management Individualized Study (NMI) classes online for ‘20 FA including NBA 5070 Entrepreneurship for Scientists & Engineers, NBA 5550 (Fixed Income Securities & Interest Rate Options); NBA 6730/6740 (Derivatives I&II), etc.
      • The below Engineering Management (EM) courses will also be available online:
        • ENMGT 5940 Economics and Finance for EM (synchronous video and on campus)
        • ENMGT 5930 Data Analytics for Engineering Managers (eCornell and on campus)
        • ENMGT 5970 Risk Analysis & Management (synchronous video and on campus)
        • ENMGT 5900 Project Management (synchronous video and on campus)
        • ENMGT 6020 Managing a Culture of Innovation (eCornell and on campus)
        • ENMGT 5920 Product Management (eCornell and on campus)
        • ENMGT 6090 Professional and Leadership Development (synchronous video and on campus)
  • Tuition
    The current per-credit based tuition in each semester is based on the standard semester tuition rate divided by 12 credits, i.e. $2,442 per credit for ’20 Fall. Tuition for 6 credits for ‘20 Fall will be a half of a full fall semester tuition based on this standard per-credit rate. Tuition for more than 12 credits will be the same as the full semester tuition, $29,293 for ’20 Fall.