Student shaking alumni hand at event

Information Sessions

All recruiting events for Fall 2020 will be virtual. 

Most events for engineering students (employer information sessions, presentations, tech talks, product demo's, showcases, coding events, competitions, and pre-nights - including those held remotely) are set up by Engineering Student Organizations. We have trained and certified the organizations listed below. These organizations will assist in arranging your connection. 

Student travel for interviewsAll interviews including second rounds should be virtual for the fall semester, so that no student travels for interviews before leaving campus for the semester. Students should not be placed in the position of potentially violating travel policies that may change day-to-day.


Students hosting on-campus in-person employer event – No student or student organization should host an on-campus in-person employer information session in combination with or in lieu of a corporate hosted virtual information session.  Given the student Behavioral Compact, we want to make it easy for students to do the right thing; scheduling and/or hosting an on-campus in-person event is excessive responsibility for students.


We are currently working with our student organizations to update this page.

To begin planning a virtual event for Cornell Engineering students, please submit a Recruiting Event request. Be sure to indicate the population you'd like to target with your event, as well as any student organization you'd like to partner with. 

To schedule a time to speak about Fall 2020 campus recruiting, please use Jennifer Soprano's Calendly link