Co-op Employer Locations and Salary Statistics

Engineering Co-op opportunities are found in every region of the United States, as well as in many countries abroad.

Co-op salaries are competitive; geographic location, current economic conditions, and other forms of compensation may affect students' salaries.

Salaries are based on students' first Co-op work term.
These records do not include salaries for positions outside of the United States
These records do not include housing stipends or relocation expenses.

2018-2019 Co-op Monthly Salary for Co-ops* Average $4198/Median $3900

*Based on 40 hours/week


MajorNumber ReportingAverageHighLow
Biological Engineering1 (50%)$15.50$15.50$15.50
Biomedical Engineering1 (100%)$23.00$23.00$23.00
Chemical Engineering4 (80%)$22.63$24.50$22.00
Computer Science12 (80%)$32.30$42.00$23.00
Electrical & Computer Engineering3 (100%)$26.93$33.00$17.78
Information Science, Systems & Technology2 (100%)$25.00$27.00$23.00
Mechanical Engineering8 (89%)$23.50$27.00$20.00
Materials Science & Engineering1 (100%)$17.00$17.00$17.00
Operations Research & Information Engineering2 (100%)$20.50$23.00$18.00


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