Explore Transportation, Environment, and Community Health

Cornell Engineering pursues research and innovation to support sustainable mobility of people and goods while preserving the environment and improving community health. It leverages behavioral and economic sciences, epidemiology, information technology, and environmental and transportation sciences to address critical issues such as greenhouse gas reduction, use of alternative fuels and energy technologies, environmentally responsible planning, and impacts of freight movement. Finding the innovative solutions that address the nation’s need for environmentally sound transportation infrastructure is key to human health and economic success.

Featured Researchers

Professor Eilyan Bitar

Eilyan Bitar
Expertise: Stochastic control, optimization, and game theory with applications to modern power and transportation systems

Professor Oliver Gao

Oliver Gao
Expertise: Transportation and environment/energy systems; mobile emissions inventory and air quality modeling; environment and energy impacts of alternative transportation (fuel, engine, infrastructure) technologies, methodological: statistics/econometrics, mathematical modeling & operations research, experimental; and environmental economics and complex networks of renewable energy supply chain

Professor Max Zhang

Max Zhang
Expertise: Air pollution; energy systems; energy management; community engagement