M.Eng. FAQs for fall 2020

I am unable or unwilling to come to the U.S. in person for Fall 2020. What are my options?

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Continuing M.Eng. students may have the option to complete their fall courses online and should discuss their program completion plans with their M.Eng. advisor.

New M.Eng. students may have the option of utilizing the 6-12-12 program. This option allows you to complete your program across three semesters via a 6-12-12 credit format: 6 credits taken virtually in your home country in Fall 2020, 12 credits taken on Cornell’s campus in Spring 2021, followed by another 12 credits taken on Cornell’s campus in Fall 2021. Please talk with your M.Eng. department for more information.

M.Eng. international students may also apply through July 10th for Study Away. This option is designated for the Fall 2020 semester only, providing students with a residential, on-campus experience at a local campus in their country or region. Students will take a minimum of 12 credits of Cornell online courses as well as attend some in-person classes. Additionally, students will also be provided the chance to participate in co-curricular activities.

How does the 6-12-12 program impact my CPT eligibility?

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Taking advantage of this option will make you OPT (and CPT if you continue additional semester) eligible after Fall 2021.

What is the tuition cost for the 6-12-12 program?

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Tuition would be per credit (or partial tuition) for Fall 2020, followed by full tuition for both Spring 2021 and Fall 2021. There will be a number of online elective courses from which to choose, including professional development (i.e. ENGRG 5350) and computer science courses. Please note that the Department of Computer Science will not be offering this option.

As an international student, is it mandatory that I utilize Study Away?

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No. You may elect to study remotely without participating in the study away program.

How do I know if I’m eligible for Study Away?

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Professional graduate students such as M.Eng. students are eligible provided they meet several other criteria. Please review the additional eligibility requirements and study away locations provided on the Study Away website. Please note that not all Study Away locations can accommodate graduate or professional students.

I’m interested in Study Away, but who should I contact first?

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M.Eng. students should be in touch with the M.Eng. director of their program to determine if study away is available and will be a good match for their program.

Will participating in Study Away impact my CPT eligibility when I get to Cornell?

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Yes. Participation in this option does not count towards fulfilling the requirements for CPT eligibility.

As an M.Eng. international student, how do I learn more about visa status, resources, travel rules, etc.?

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Cornell’s Office of Global Learning is dedicated to providing up-to-date information on all of the above and more. In addition to their website, they also offer both drop-in and scheduled appointments so that you can be sure to get your questions answered.

I’m considering deferring enrollment until Spring 2021. How can I stay connected to M.Eng. at Cornell in the Fall?

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If you are considering deferring your enrollment for a semester, some departments are encouraging students to enroll in 3-6 online credits for the Fall semester instead so that you can stay connected as well as get a jumpstart on the spring semester. To explore this option and for help with course selection, please contact your M.Eng. Advisor.

If you do elect to defer, please continue to review your departmental website as well as the M.Eng. Career Support website. You are also welcome to join the free Canvas Perpetual Course: M.Eng./MPS Career Commons.

I’m enrolled for Fall 2020. What career services are available to me?

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Enrolled M.Eng. students (including Study Away) may choose to take a 1-credit elective course: ENGRG 5350, Career Development for Engineering. This will be a hybrid course, incorporating both synchronous and asynchronous delivery. For more information, contact Kerry Spitze at kes348@cornell.edu.

Join the free Canvas Perpetual Course: M.Eng./MPS Career Commons. A non-graded, in-depth, and self-paced set of modules that cover multiple common career topics, such as résumé/cover letter, networking, and job search.

Enrolled M.Eng. students may schedule an individual appointment with the M.Eng. Career Support Office.

Join the M.Eng @ Cornell LinkedIn group to network with other students and alumni as well as receive notifications about resources, job opportunities, events, and more.

What M.Eng. elective courses are available to me?

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In addition to ENGRG 5350, each program has identified a number of approved elective courses. Please review your departmental website and consult with your M.Eng. advisor.