Cornell Engineering/CIS Remote Teaching Resources

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Preparing to Teach Remotely

Remote Teaching Resources

Webinars from CTI on how to Teach On-line

Some of the Webinars have been recorded

Synchronous Interactions

Using ZOOM for Teaching On-line

ZOOM Meeting Interface

Scheduling a ZOOM Session

ZOOM System and Network Requirements

Prevent your Classes from being "ZOOM Bombed"

Changes to ZOOM defaults to make meetings more secure

Recording / Asynchronous Interactions

Recording ZOOM Locally and Publishing into Canvas

Panopto Recording

Additional Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

Hardware Recommendations

If you would like help ordering hardware, please contact us at  We can provide recommendation on the devices that are available.

With many devices on back-order the best choice may vary from day to day.


Document Camera Feature Recommendations

Look for USB connectivity with included Viewing software.  This will allow you to easily share the document camera's content to a ZOOM meeting or include it in a Panopto recording.  Ipevo makes good document cameras and has resources on-line for using them with common collaboration software.

Webcam Recommendations

Many webcams are currently on back-order, but any model that handles 720p resolution and has a built-in microphone will be adequate for ZOOM. 

The Logitech C930e is recommended by CIT, however it is on back order and being sold at higher pries by many resellers.


A Jabra or ClearOne USB microphone/speaker combination will help prevent echo and allow for a higher-quality audio experience, especially if you will be typing on the laptop from which you are conferencing.