Guidance on rescheduling special visits

Message from Scott Campbell, executive director of admissions and recruitment, and Miranda Swanson, associate dean of student services:

Late March and April have historically been a period when the College of Engineering welcomes a large number of visiting high school juniors and high school seniors who have been offered admission to the college. As a proactive measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the university has cancelled all visit programs for high school students. This includes all high school junior information sessions as well as traditional admitted student yield programs – Cornell Days, Engineering Diversity Hosting Weekend, Diversity Hosting, Women in Engineering and RCPRS Hosting. While we are individually contacting staff, faculty and students involved in any of these programs to notify them that the programs will not occur this year, we also want to notify the broader Cornell Engineering community so that everyone is aware of this change in traditional programming.

Two important items to note:

  1. In concert with a variety of college and university partners, we will replace traditional “in-person” and “on-campus” information and yield events with several remote strategies including webinars, one-to-one, student-to-student remote email or video chat communications, and the deployment of a variety of social media strategies that will help high school students learn more about the Cornell Engineering community. Plans to develop and deploy these strategies are now underway and we will ask for assistance from students, staff and faculty as these plans evolve.
  2. Given that traditional visit programming has been cancelled, there is some probability that high school students (both juniors and admitted students) will reach out to individuals across the College of Engineering requesting “special” visits. University leadership cancelled March and April visit programs to reduce and slow the potential threat of the COVID-19 virus impacting Cornell’s campus. In keeping with the intent of the university’s decision to cancel visitation programs, it will be important that faculty and staff NOT accommodate or arrange special visits for any student who requests a visit to the college over the next two months. Contacts from high school students or their families requesting special visits may be directed to the Engineering Admissions Office email address: People contacting us via this address will be notified of the current policy for cancelling visit programs and invited to be included in remote and electronic communications streams that will help them learn about the College of Engineering.