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Students teams get busy at the 2018 Animal Health Hackathon

Engineering student part of grand prize-winning team at 2018 Cornell Animal Health Hackathon

By: Susan Kelley

The owners of long-haired dogs have an unsavory problem that is not widely discussed, because, frankly, it’s kind of gross: Small clumps of feces get stuck in their dogs’ fur after the dogs defecate. A team of students came up with a simple, innovative solution at the 2018 Cornell Animal Health Hackathon : HygenaPet, a $10 spray of beeswax and carnauba wax that owners can spritz on their dogs’ backsides, making the poop slide right off the fur. The HygenaPet team bounded away with the grand prize at the hackathon, which took place Jan. 26-28. “The benefits [of HygenaPet] are really great,” sai...

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