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Acoustics put a fresh spin on electron transitions

A group led by Greg Fuchs has shown that quantum spin transitions can be driven solely by acoustic waves, a discovery that enables engineers to build smaller, more power-efficient acoustic sensors that can be packed more tightly on a single device. Read more

Delay-line model of a thin broadband metalens.

Exploring the theoretical limits of metalenses

A new paper published in Optica, “Focusing on bandwidth: achromatic metalens limits,” details the finding of some fundamental limits on so-called “metalenses,” ultra-thin flat lenses which have shown great promise in their ability to function as ultracompact optical systems for focusing and imaging. Federico Presutti, Ph.D. student in applied engineering and physics, and Francesco Monticone, assistant professor in electrical and computer engineering are the paper’s authors. “Think of any optical system with lenses for focusing and imaging: a camera, microscope, a lens antenna,” Monticone said... Read more

Zhiting Tian and Guy Hoffman

Zhiting Tian and Guy Hoffman promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure

Zhiting Tian and Guy Hoffman have been approved for promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure by the Cornell Board of Trustees. Tian's work on the design and discovery of new materials and devices through a fundamental understanding of nanoscale thermal transport and energy conversion processes is widely recognized and well regarded for both its computational and experimental aspects. Contributions to thermoelectric devices, thermal rectification in organic materials, and inelastic x-ray scattering techniques are among those for which she is well known. Hoffman's tenure is well deserved... Read more