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Study sheds new light on materials assembly in confinement

Researchers at Cornell used computer simulations to show how the assembly of a complex particle shape is affected when confined inside a spherical container. The findings offer scientists a new method for controlling the assembly structure of the resulting material. Read more

Portable cancer testing expands in sub-Saharan Africa

A portable diagnostic device designed by researchers at Cornell Engineering and Weill Cornell Medicine seeks to provide a fast and accurate diagnosis of Kaposi sarcoma, a common yet difficult-to-detect cancer that often signals the presence of HIV infection. Read more

Two Cornell alumni named Schmidt Science Fellows

Xiangkun (Elvis) Cao, Ph.D. ’21, and Berit H. Goodge, Ph.D. ’22, were selected as 2022 Schmidt Science Fellows. As fellows, they will take on postdoctoral placements focused on collaborative, interdisciplinary research. Read more