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The climate hasn't hit a 'point of no return'

By: Mark Kaufman

"Our best knowledge continues to suggest that we have a clear & still large say in how our future looks," says Flavio Lehner, assistant professor in EAS, in response to claims that Earth "is already past a point-of-no-return for global warming." Read more

C. Lindsay Anderson

Cornell Energy Systems Institute announces C. Lindsay Anderson as Interim Director

The Cornell Energy Systems Institute (CESI) has announced that C. Lindsay Anderson will be the Institute’s Interim Director, effective immediately. Anderson is an associate professor in Biological and Environmental Engineering (BEE) and the Norman R. Scott Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow, as well as the Kathy Dwyer Marble and Curt Marble Faculty Director for Energy with the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability. CESI’s mission is to “develop and deploy cost-effective energy systems that take advantage of innovations in materials, technology, and systems design to lower humanity's carbon... Read more