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Brain image courtesy of Dr. Amy Kuceyeski.

Structural and Functional Alignment in the Brain Linked to Age, Sex and Cognition

The degree to which the brain’s wiring aligns with its patterns of activity can vary with sex and age, and may be genetic, suggests a study published by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators. The study finds that this alignment may also have implications on cognition. The results published in Nature Communications help shed light on one of the biggest mysteries in biology—how the brain works, according to senior author Dr. Amy Kuceyeski, associate professor of mathematics in the Department of Radiology and in neuroscience in the Feil Family Brain and Mind Research Institute at Weill Cornell... Read more

Do robots need clothes? Yes, for form and function

Besides a stray feline Roomba, very few people are investing energy into putting clothes on robots. Researchers from Cornell Tech and NYU say that now’s the time to think more actively about when, how and why we would dress them Read more