Reactivation Portal Plan FAQs

Updated Aug 5, 2020

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Who should use this Reactivation Plan Portal?

Any College of Engineering personnel (faculty, instructors, lecturers, staff) who need to come back to campus for a work purpose. This includes research faculty who need to submit a new research plan that has not yet been submitted or approved under the previous system (see research FAQs here). (If your research plan has already been approved, you do NOT need to resubmit through this portal.)

Who needs to create a reactivation plan?

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Researchers who have not yet created a research reactivation plan (see research FAQs here). For non-research purposes, work with your departmental administrative director or supervising Associate Dean who will coordinate plans for non-research faculty, instructional needs and staff who need to work on campus.

Who do I talk to before creating a plan?

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For non-research plans, a short description of the proposal must be prepared outlining the activity proposed for reactivation and the reason why this work must occur on campus. Before entering the system, department personnel should first discuss their proposal with their functional head, department director chair or administrative director. Upon concurrence of the department leadership, the proposal may be sent to the college via the system in the pre-approval step.

I click on the link to get to the reactivation portal and I get a blank page, Why is this?

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If you are using Internet Explorer, the page will not work. We support Chrome and Firefox. If you still have an error using these browsers, contact

Is there a download function to facilitate special reviews outside of workflow?

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Yes, you can save each application as a PDF for download. It is recommended that you create the proposal in a word file so that you can cut and paste the information into the system, just in case the system freezes.

My supervisor has created a plan that requires me to be on campus. What happens next?

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You will receive a link to a survey you must complete before you can return to campus.

Why did I get three emails to fill out the survey?

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Each plan requires a survey for each of the personnel. If a plan had three buildings, then it would be split into three plans and each person would fill out a survey for each plan.

I received a survey to fill out to return to work on campus, but I’m not coming back at this point, do I need to fill out the survey?

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Yes, or contact the faculty or staff to let them know. They can use the procedures for removing you from the plan as outlined in the help guide.

I checked the wrong box on my questionnaire. How do I fix it?

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Contact the chair/director for your department or administrative manager and let them know the issue. They can clear the survey or remove you as needed.

What if I already did a research plan in the old system, but I want to add new undergrads, Ph.D.s to the plan. Do I need to do the plan all over again?

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All the research plans approved in the old (COE) system are now available in the new (CALS) system.  Use your netID to log in the new system, follow the instructions under “how to add personnel to an approved plan”.

What if I only need to go in for short period of time every few weeks? Do I need to fill out a plan?

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If you plan to be on campus with any regularity, there should be a plan in the system. Please work with your administrative director. For a one-off campus visit, the team member should let the building manager know via email that they are coming, that they have permission from their supervisor, and in that email attest that they have no symptoms, and have not been exposed to anyone with symptoms or who has tested positive. For a one-off visit, you do not need complete the daily check online.

Do I need to keep track of who I come in contact with once I am on campus for a day?

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Yes, each person is responsible for keeping a list of who you come in contact with any day you are on campus, for contact tracing purposes. Only interior encounters of 10 minutes or more is sufficient to record for contact tracing.

How do I request access to additional spaces?

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  • Space under the submitter’s control: submit a new plan using the new system.

  • Space under another PI’s control: ask the PI in control of the space to add personnel to the approved plan; if space is not in an approved plan, the PI in control of the space should submit a new plan.

  • Space in a shared facility: follow instructions of the shared facility.