Cornell Tech Summer Research Experience

Research Experience 

The Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Engineering have joined together to connect up to ten undergraduate students on the Ithaca campus with opportunities for summer research experiences at Cornell Tech. Students will work with Cornell Tech faculty and postdocs, or partner organizations/companies associated with the campus, over a 10-week summer program.

Ideal Applicant 

The ideal applicant will be tech-savvy, will have taken a set of relevant technical courses (see below), but will also have diverse interests as demonstrated by having a non-CIS major. The program is intentionally designed to encourage cross-collaboration between students in a variety of disciplines with the entrepreneurial and technological intense environment at Cornell Tech. Successful applicants will be drawn from a broad range of disciplines in engineering, social and behavior sciences, and humanities.

Note: It is acceptable to have a second major that is a CIS major. CIS majors include computer science, information science, and statistical science.

Successful applicants will be hired by a Cornell Tech faculty member or postdoc to work on one or more of their ongoing research projects.


  • Cornell undergraduate graduating in December 2019 or later (1st year, SO, JR, & 1st semester SR)
  • Must have a major in a non-CIS subject area; participants may have a CIS major as a double major
  • Must have taken one course from each of the following categories:
    • a course in programming and data structures (CS 2110 or equivalent).
    • a course in linear algebra (MATH 2210, 2230, 1940, or 2310, or equivalent).
    • a course in statistics or probability (MATH 4170, ECON 3110 or 3130, CS 2800 or 3850, ENGRG 2700, CEE 2040, or equivalent).

Additional programming courses or additional courses in discrete math or probability is a plus.

Applications have closed for summer 2019.

For more information, contact: Erin Philipson, Engineering Undergraduate Programs, College of Engineering