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New Faculty - 2017

Welcome Solon Barocas

Solon Barocas, assistant professor in the Department of Information Science at Cornell, wants to shine a light on some of the ethical concerns that arise from human reliance on Artificial Intelligence. read more

Welcome Yadong Wang

Yadong Wang has joined the Meinig School as professor of heart-assist technology. Wang's research focuses on creating biomaterials that present controlled chemical, physical, and mechanical signals to cells, tissues and organs, with the goal of controlling how the human body interacts with these materials. read more

Welcome Bharath Hariharan

"I got interested in computer vision as an undergrad. I started to see that what was a simple, unconscious process for most humans was incredibly difficult for computers." read more

Welcome Andrej Singer

“By the time I was in high school I started to see the beauty of mathematical theorems and proofs.” read more

Welcome Jeff Rzeszotarski

He wants to help people unpack complex data so that anyone—even novices—can make sense of it and use what they learn to make their lives better. read more

Welcome Francesco Monticone

If you want to realize a cloak that would be able to make something invisible, that is theoretically possible, at least for a single color read more