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Andrew Hunter

  • Andrew Hunter
  • Dept: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Title: Lecturer
  • Address: 230 Olin Hall
  • Phone: 607 255-4616
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B.Sc. University of Edinburgh, Chemical Engineering (1962)
B.Sc. University of Edinburgh, Applied Mathematics (1967)
M.A. Economics, The New School, New York (1976)
Business Administration, University of Hawaii (1980)
Caltex Petroleum Inc. (1958-1982)
Petroleum Intelligence Research Associates (1982-1986)
Petroleum Database Services Inc. (1986-2000)
The Serious Company Inc. (1994-1999)
Baytok & Hunter Inc. (2000-2002)
Oxiana Inc. (2002-2005)

Andrew Hunter has spent years in the Middle and Far East, first as a refinery process engineer (designing refinery units) and then as a project engineer (installing refinery units). He ended up in strategic planning, probing into whether all this designing and installing had been worthwhile.

Andrew has been a part of the energy market for a long time, he respects it, and would now like to pass on to students the insights gained. Andrew believes that if you want to be a proponent of the growth of alternative energy you must first understand the existing energy markets and the economic and technology details of energy supply and demand.