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Meet the Peer Advisors

While you may already know your Peer Advisor at this point, we encourage you to find out more about them and some guidance they offer first-students.  If you are unsure about how to approach your Peer Advisor or what questions they might be able to help with, feel free to refer to the following list as a place to start the conversation!

  • What do you enjoy most about your major?
  • How did you decide to select your major?
  • Which classes have you liked the most in your major?
  • Did you have any major classes that you didn't like, but you still enjoy your major?
  • Which electives have you taken and why?
  • How did you decide which liberal studies courses to take?
  • Have you completed any internships, co-op, or research? How did you find the opportunity?
  • Are you involved with any project teams?
  • Do you know anyone who is involved with (fill in the blank)?
  • What are your plans after you graduate?
  • Where's the best place to study?
  • Do you have any study tips for a certain class or subject?

Find out more information about your 2018-2019 College of Engineering Peer Advisors (by major)

Biological Engineering

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Biomedical Engineering

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Bhavya BushanBhavya Bhushan (bb592)

Academic advice? Find friends who are supportive and helpful, as I have found that my friends are my best support system. When you are feeling overwhelmed with work, try to use academic resources like office hours or ELI tutoring. Finally, never doubt yourself and remember that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. 

Favorite place to study? I love studying in Upson on the side which looks over the engineering quad. It has a great view, is quiet, and is close to Duffield if I want to grab a snack.

What experiences do you recommend? I highly recommend joining an organization like Alpha Phi Omega-Gamma, the service fraternity, which can help you meet many people in a short amount of time. Large organizations like APO connect you to wonderful people who can be your friend, mentor, or inspiration. They also get you involved in service on or off campus, and therefore help you get to know your community better. 

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Alexa ColincoAlexa Colinco (ac932)

Academic advice? Time management, find ways to hand stress, and make friends.

Favorite place to study? Music library, study rooms in Olin, or anywhere in Mann.

What experiences do you recommend? Explore Ithaca, it's actually an awesome place to live!

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Naseem Dabiran Naseem Dabiran (nd378)

Academic advice? First year students should definitely spend a lot of time in office hours for their classes. Lectures are usually filled with students, and office hours with either the TA or professor can really help with understanding the material. 

Favorite place to study? Duffield is my favorite place to study because there is almost always someone there who is doing the same problem set as you are, and you can work together. Gates Hall is also really good, mostly because I really like the almond croissants they sell.

What experiences do you recommend? First year students should definitely think of rushing Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity. It is a great way to make friends, as well as a de-stress from engineering. Engineering organizations like SWE can also help students make friends who are going through the same experiences and can become a support system.

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Kimberly HemmerlingKimberly Hemmerling (kjh224)

Academic advice? The approach to work and studying is something that changes a lot for people in the first year of college. I never really went to office hours in my first semester - it wasn't something I was used to. But since then, I found out that it is one of the most useful resources that professors and TAs can offer, and now it is something that I don't know what I would do without it. 

Favorite place to study? I always tend to look for an empty classroom to study in. It is a much more private environment that works really well for me whether I am by myself, with a group of friends, or working on a project with other people. One of my favorite places are the classrooms in Goldwin Smith Hall - there's a lot of light, and big chalkboards to work on.

What experiences do you recommend? Learn how to use the TCAT, and take advantage of everything that Ithaca has to offer. Especially at the beginning of the semester, there are a lot of outdoor activities, like hiking or go to the farmers market, that you can still do while it's warm out. 

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Rupal Khaitan Rupal Khaitan (rk545)

Academic advice? My tip is to start studying earlier than you think you need to, and definitely take some breaks to have fun in between!

Favorite place to study? I love studying in the space between PSB and Baker, because you can get some great views of all of campus. 

What experiences do you recommend? Go explore Ithaca! I love going down to the farmers market or up by Sunset Park.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Shweta ModiShweta Modi (sm2258)

Academic advice? Make sure to set aside time to get involved with clubs/organizations and spend time with friends. 

Favorite place to study? Upson is my favorite study spot - it definitely has the most comfortable chairs and it's a great work environment to study with peers. 

What experiences do you recommend? Check out the Apple Fest in the fall and Ice Fest in the winter! Definitely take advantage of all the great activities that happen in the Ithaca area. 

Pallavi NambiarPallavi Nambiar (pn89)

Academic advice? The best thing to do is to keep on top of your work as it can be really easy to get overwhelmed and fall behind. Make sure you visit office hours and really understand the material in classes by reaching out to peers or professors when you need help. Also, if you feel overwhelmed, it's really great to step back for a little and do something fun so you can attack the problems with a fresh mind. 

Favorite place to study? I love studying in cafes especially Libe in Olin Library, because I love the background noise that allows me to focus on problem sets. I just really like how it's a stress free and relaxing environment for me to work, though it's not the best place to study if you're trying to save BRBs.

What experiences do you recommend? Remember to go off-campus every once in a while and appreciate all of the fun events Ithaca has, like Apple Fest and the Wizarding Weekend, which are so much fun to take a break from college! Getting involved in community service around Ithaca can also be a really nice break and helps you interact with the community and give back to the town. 

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Chemical Engineering

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Apoorva AgarwalApoorva Agarwal (aa992)

Academic advice? Classes are going to be challenging and make you think in ways you probably haven't before. Don't get discouraged with one bad grade, it happens to everyone. Instead, learn from your mistakes and go to office hours and figure everything out!

Favorite place to study? The Olin Library basement if I am alone because it is quiet and a good studying atmosphere that inspires me to study. If I have to work in a group, Duffield is the best because of the set up and the amount of resources close by.

What experiences do you recommend? I definitely recommend going to events in the Ithaca Community, such as Apple Fest or the Wizarding Weekend. It's a great way to spend the day and also allows you to get off campus and just get refreshed!

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Praveen Bagavandoss Praveen Bagavandoss (pb444)

Academic advice? It is super important to get outside while its warm and enjoy campus. Cornell has a beautiful campus with gorges, plantations, and a lot more that every students should see and enjoy before they graduate. 

Favorite place to study? Duffield Hall as it is very open and full of light during the day.

What experiences do you recommend? New students should go out and explore the nature around Cornell's campus.

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Jay BenderJay Bender (jtb239)

Academic advice? Get as far as you can in all problem sets before working with others. Find a good group of peers (not necessarily your closest friends!) to review the material prior to exams. You might learn something new based on witnessing how others think.

Favorite place to study? Snee Hall! The building never gets too crowded and is always quiet.

What experiences do you recommend? Definitely try to get involved with a project team. You gain technical experience as well as get to meet upperclass engineers who can offer good advice on getting acclimated to the collegiate environment. 

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Sabrina Chen Sabrina Chen (ssc252)

Academic advice? Don't be afraid to go to office hours! Even if you don't need help, it's a great way to get to know your professors, TAs, and students in your classes. 

Favorite place to study? PSB - sometimes there's some sunlight.

What experiences do you recommend? Climb the clock tower for a chines concert. The view is incredible and unmatched anywhere else on campus.

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Emily CostelloEmily Costello (ecc224)

Academic advice? One of the most helpful things I do to manage my time is write everything down in a planner. It helps me to plan out my week and see what assignments I need to prioritize to get everything done on time.

Favorite place to study? Uris Library. There are many rooms with windows that overlook the slope and make me feel less like I am actually in a library. 

What experiences do you recommend? Try new things! If a club or event sounds interesting to you, go and try it out. Many clubs on campus do not require any previous experience and are welcoming to all members. I have made many new friends through clubs that I am in and they also give me something fun to do in the afternoon when classes are over.

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Matthew D'AlessandroMatthew D'Alessandro (md647)

Academic advice? If you are struggling don't be ashamed to go to office hours. TAs want to help you and they are a great resource.

Favorite place to study? My favorite place to study is Duffield Hall because there are always friends there to help you with your homework.

What experiences do you recommend? Take as many Phys Ed classes as possible!

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Deniz ErkanDeniz Erkan (nde26)

Academic advice? Never be afraid to go to office hours; they really help you to understand concepts more thoroughly and connect with your professors. I also find it really helpful to form study groups to meet new people and practice often. However, don't let the stress of exams and homework get to you, nothing is more important than your well being.

Favorite place to study? My favorite place to study changes a lot with the weather. If it is warm and sunny day my go-to place is WSH terrace and on a colder day where I prefer the first floor of Olin Library.

What experiences do you recommend? Go off-campus often! Sometimes we are stuck in the Cornell bubble and the work that we do and our friends seem to be all that matters in the world. Remember that Ithaca is a lively place with lots of festivals, shows, and activities. Get out there and have fun!

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Lilia EscobedoLilia Escobedo (lfe6)

Academic advice? Going to office hours can be really helpful, and ask plenty of questions! Also, try to begin assignments as soon as they are assigned and make progress on them each day. That way you avoid cramming the day before the deadline. 

Favorite place to study? Carpenter Hall because it is a quiet study space, has access to printing, and is close to many of the engineering buildings. 

What experiences do you recommend? Start out by joining one or two clubs and getting involved! Clubs love seeing freshmen participate and you'll learn about a lot of great opportunities. Also, Cornell has a wide variety of PE classes, so use them to have fun and learn something new. 

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Catherine GureckyCatherine Gurecky (ceg226)

Academic advice? Never be afraid to ask for help. Office hours are one of the best resources for when you're stuck on a problem set.

Favorite place to study? The Cocktail Lounge! The views of the slope and valley are beautiful and relaxing, plus it's usually extremely quiet. 

What experiences do you recommend? Get to know Ithaca outside of Cornell. Cornell is surrounded by tons of breathtaking waterfalls and is only a short drive to Ithaca's charming farmer's market. So take a break, hike, and explore!

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Hagan HanHagan Han (hh466)

Academic advice? Never be afraid to request help from professors, teaching assistants, and your peers; I have never been rebuked for asking. 

Favorite place to study? I like studying at Uris Library because it is quiet which facilitates concentrating.

What experiences do you recommend? Everything can be a learning experience so don't be afraid to try something off the beaten track. I found the co-op program rewarding and relaxing to work for a company during semester. 

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Feifei HuFeifei Hu (ffh22)

Academic advice? The biggest piece of advice I have is that new students should make every effort no to compare themselves with their peers. It usually ends up causing a lot of extra stress and overworking that can otherwise be avoided. Other than that, I would say that you should figure out how you learn and your most efficient method of studying during the first semester.

Favorite place to study? The A.D. White Library! I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and find that it is easier to motivate myself to study if I pretend that I am at Hogwarts. Plus, it helps that it is always really quiet in the library. 

What experiences do you recommend? I think new students should familiarize themselves with campus. That means not only knowing how to get to your classes, but also climbing the clock tower and visiting all the different libraries and quads. Also, scope out the planetarium/observatory and Lynah Rink.

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Sneha KabariaSneha Kabaria (srk97)

Academic advice? I would recommend starting assignments early to get plenty of time to work through anything that may not come easily at first. Attending lectures and discussion sessions and being actively engaged in course material are very important to fully grasping key concepts. It is important to stay on top of the material throughout the course so you are not cramming for prelims or finals. If you do find yourself getting stressed, be sure to give yourself a break and time-off, attend office hours for more help with harder concepts, and talk to the professor. If you are having a hard time take a deep breath, step back, and identify what your weaknesses are so you can target them specifically in your future studying.

Favorite place to study? Duffield - it has a nice blend of people who are focused on getting their work done and people who want to take a study break with a good conversation or snack. I particularly enjoy studying there because of the number of engineers around any time of the day. Usually I can find someone in the same course or major, which can be good for asking questions or forming impromptu study groups for problem sets or prelims. 

What experiences do you recommend? Your first year is really a chance for you to try new things and to explore life at Cornell. While academics are important, spend time forming friendships and getting to know organizations and places both on and off campus.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

MaryClare KellyMaryClare Kelly (mek296)

Academic advice? All of the work and pressure of exams can be overwhelming but it's important to surround yourself with supportive friends and to take advantage of the amazing resources offered by Cornell. It's important to take time for yourself every once and a while!

Favorite place to study? Temple of Zeus in Klarman Hall. There is a lot of natural light and delicious sandwiches and coffee for study breaks. 

What experiences do you recommend? Visit the gorges! Ithaca has so much ot offer and the gorges and Cayuga Lake are perfect places to relax. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Francis LedesmaFrancis Ledesma (fl297)

Academic advice? Never be afraid to try something new; adventure awaits just outside your comfort zone.

Favorite place to study? Duffield Hall is my favorite place to study because of its open air atmosphere as well as being able to see my friends while I study.

What experiences do you recommend? Find a non-engineering activity to take a break each day. Whether it's a sports or music or dance or anything, the stress relief it brings will go a long way. 

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Connie LiConnie Li (cl858)

Academic advice? Cornell classes are difficult, so it may take time to adjust. Study hard, but make sure to take time to relax, hang out with friends, and have fun. I advise doing any homework you are given, and definitely go to office hours if you have any questions or just need some help. Trying to learn as you go is better than cramming a day or two before an exam. 

Favorite place to study? My favorite place to study is my dining room table in my apartment. I like that I have access to all my textbooks and can get up and grab snacks whenever I want. 

What experiences do you recommend? Go to Club Fest to see all the clubs on campus! It may be overwhelming, but sign up for a few clubs that you are interested in to try and find an initial community on campus. Also don't be afraid to make new friends in your classes. I met some of my closest friends in class! Finally, seriously consider going on dorm-sponsored trips around or outside of Ithaca. They are a good way to get off-campus and meet some new people that live near you. 

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Jacob MathaiJacob Mathai (jm2463)

Academic advice? It's important during your freshmen year to get acclimated with the proper steps to succeed in your academic career. It's important to budget out your time during the day and going to office hours for the more difficult problem sets. It's also important to keep a firm grasp on other resources, beyond office hours, that Cornell provides. 

Favorite place to study? My favorite place to study is either in Upson, in one of the newer common study spaces, or in the Johnson School of Management Library. Each of these places has a very open layout in terms of student seating and they provide large tables to spread your papers and work around. 

What experiences do you recommend? I recommend applying to a variety of project teams, getting involved with research, looking at the different cultural events, volunteering at different on-campus and off-campus events, trying out recruitment for greek life, and also going to the Commons and downtown Ithaca to try a lot of the different food in the area. 

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Erika MillsErika Mills (em584)

Academic advice? I think Cornell really comes down to time management and prioritization. There's never enough time to do everything you want, so students have to make tough decisions on where to put there time. My advice is to make sure you don't just focus on class and career. College is about so much more. 

Favorite place to study? I like Duffield. It's quiet enough to get work done, but it allows for a lot of group collaboration. Additionally, it has some natural light and food, which always helps. 

What experiences do you recommend? I joined a project team right away, which immediately gave me a good career focused experience. I also find community service very important and a good remind that Cornell isn't everyhing. Therefore, I recommend joining a club that takes place off campus and potentially gives back to the Ithaca community. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Alexis MottramAlexis Mottram (apm97)

Academic advice? Make sure to find a balance that works for you! It's important to gain knowledge for life, meet new people, and try new things.

Favorite place to study? Olin Library because Libe is there and it has both quiet areas and areas for collaboration. 

What experiences do you recommend? The most important first year experience is Club Fest so that new students can get involved in organizations that fit their interests and meet like minded peers. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Ellen ParkEllen Park (erp67)

Academic advice? 1) Read before lecture and take notes! This really helps me learn and understand the material better. Also, it's much easier to follow along in the lecture because topics can be covered pretty quickly. 2) Try doing problem sets on your own first and then ask for help if you need it. This is the fastest way for me to figure out what material I know and don't know. 3) Take work/study breaks. It's really important to take a step back and do something that makes me feel happy when I feel overwhelmed or stressed. I always recommend going for a run/walk around Beebe Lake or in the Botanic Gardens.

Favorite place to study? Anywhere with windows! I love grabbing coffee from Collegetown and studying on the third or fourth floor of Upson Hall at one of the tables overlooking the Engineering quad. 

What experiences do you recommend? Go to the Apple Fest and Farmer's Market. Both are so much fun and the food is amazing. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Claire SchiefelbeinClaire Schiefelbein (cms452)

Academic advice? Study more than you think you need to, go to office hours and don't be afraid to bring questions to them. At the same time, learn to recognize when you're feeling overwhelmed and don't feel bad about taking breaks and asking for help.

Favorite place to study? Duffield; I can either study with a group of friends, or find a quiet corner to be by myself.

What experiences do you recommend? Join a student organization that you genuinely care about and want to spend time on; the sense of community with people outside of your major is so valuable (especially if that organization happens to be the marching band!)

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Janak ShahJanak Shah (jhs373)

Academic advice? When you study/work make sure you are understanding the concepts rather than just trying to complete an assignment. If you don't understand something, go to office hours and learn from TAs/professors and other students. For time manangement, make sure to start problem sets early, you do not want to be staying up all night right before the assignment is due.

Favorite place to study? Upson Hall or Olin Library. Upson offers a nice location next windows where you don't feel too sad that you are studying. Olin offers a quiet place if you really need to buckle down and study. 

What experiences do you recommend? Do something you enjoy doing. If you are not sure what that is then try a couple of things until you find something you enjoy. Go to events that you see on Facebook, you'll meet new people and be able to try/see something new. Get off campus if you can and explore Ithaca too, it's pretty nice when the weather is decent. 

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Sarah SteinerSarah Steiner (ss2867)

Academic advice? Make time for things that aren't academic! Ithaca and Cornell both have a lot of fun things to do that aren't related to classes, and it's important to find other things that you enjoy. 

Favorite place to study? I prefer to study in Olin, in the CHEME lounge, because I can always find guidance or support with other people from my major. 

What experiences do you recommend? I recommend Into the Streets as a volunteering opportunity - a great time to engage with the Ithaca community. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

John WoltornistJohn Woltornist (jmw399)

Academic advice? Get a good routine early on and stick to it. Managing your time effectively is one of the most important skills to learn. And although this does mean finding the right times to study, it also means that you have to find time to relax. Everything should be balanced. 

Favorite place to study? I enjoy to study in the A.D. White Library because it is always very quiet and offers great views of west campus and Cayuga lake. And, as a bonus, people call it the "Harry Potter" library.

What experiences do you recommend? Take advantage of the hikes and natural beauty off campus. Cornell does offer many gorges and hikes, but many more can be found just 5-10 minutes off campus. It might be hard to travel there, but many organizations on campus schedule trips to visit these places. 

Preferred pronouns? He, Him, His

Alex WongAlex Wong (asw243)

Academic advice? The most important thing to learn your freshmen year is time management. Once you learn how to optimize your time spent on different things, you can afford to focus more. 

Favorite place to study? The undergraduate lounge in Olin Hall because I am with a group of like-minded peers who are always willing to help if I need it. 

What experiences do you recommend? I recommend either joining a project team or research group as they are not only good resume builders, but can be a lot of fun too.

Preferred pronouns? He, Him, His

Shelley YanoskyShelley Yanosky (sgy22)

Academic advice? If you are struggling in class, attending office hours is a great way to get personalized help and attention. It also shows your professor/TAs that you are putting forth your best effort!

Favorite place to study? Olin Library - it is quiet, comfortable, and has snacks/coffee nearby at Libe Cafe.

What experiences do you recommend? Intramural or club sports are an awesome stress relief and a great way to meet new people. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Olivia YoungOlivia Young (ojy2)

Academic advice? Take advantage of the resources that are available. Cornell has so many resources, but you have to be proactive and use them when you need them. 

Favorite place to study? Top floor of Olin Library has some of the best views of campus and you get to hear the chimes concert loud and clear.

What experiences do you recommend? Attend Club Fest and get involved with something - it can be an interest that you have pursued for years or something totally new. The best part about Cornell is the people you meet and campus organizations are some of the best ways to meet new people. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Civil Engineering

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Olivia LiaoOlivia Liao (ol64)

Academic advice? Time management, in my opinion, is a very essential skill to do well academically as it also helps reduce stress levels. For example, having a to-do list (or a planner) keeps me on track. I recommend going to office hours when you need help or clarifications because the TAs are very approachable and willing to help. Finally, talking to your peers or someone you trust is a way to handle stress because they can probably relate to your experience and they might have ways to approach the problem that may work for you.

Favorite place to study? I enjoy studying in the Cocktail Lounge of Uris Library because I get to see the beautiful sunset. Also, the noise level is adequate (not too solemn) and every is just as focused.

What experiences do you recommend? Given there are so many clubs and organizations on campus, definitely joining clubs that interest you is recommended. I am in Cornell Seismic Design team, a project team, and Alpha Omega Epsilon, and engineering sorority. I really enjoy spending time with these organizations because we share the same interests and common goals. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Vanessa MartinezVanessa Martinez (vmm52)

Academic advice? Work hard and often, but remember to work in time to experience life and the friendships that come with living at Cornell. Scheduling breaks and remembering that it's okay to relax is key to success here at Cornell.

Favorite place to study? I love studying in Duffield! The environment is amazing and collaborative and the food nearby helps make quick breaks really feasible.

What experiences do you recommend? I really recommend exploring the nature around Ithaca! Kayaking on the lakes is a breathtaking experience and really relaxing. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Computer Science

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Dan BelyeuDan Belyeu (dmb96)

Academic advice? Time management is everything. You only get 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. Knowing how to prioritize school work, extracurricular activities, and leisure time will help you get more done with less stress along the way.

Favorite place to study? Duffield and Upson Hall. Lots of tables close to power outlets. Unoccupied classrooms in Upson are great for group work. Quick access to snacks.

What experiences do you recommend? Everything. Sit in on a few higher level classes you may be interested in, join a club or intramural team, see as many guest lectures as you can. Definitely get to know some people in your major. They will be popping up in your classes for the next few years and it's good to find out who you like and who you want to do group work with. 

Preferred pronouns? He, Him, His


May ChenMay Chen (mc2249)

Academic advice? I recommend scheduling blocks of time for studying because this increases your productivity and allows you to have a stress-free time later where you don't need to worry about studying.

Favorite place to study? If I am on central campus, the libraries are a great place to study because they are quiet and have a desk to work on, but if I am on North and just need a laptop to work, I will try to find a quiet spot to sit on the grass or a bench outdoors when the weather is nice. 

What experiences do you recommend? I recommend that everyone visit club fest because it is a great place to meet people and learn about organizations at Cornell. There is so much happening outside of academics and research that many people don't know about. Getting involved with clubs is an easy way to make new friends with similar interests. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Meredith DobrzynskiMeredith Dobrzynski (mmd272)

Academic advice? Google calendars saved my life, because being organized is half the battle. You can schedule not only your classes but also time you will go to the library, eat meals, and relax. When it comes to studying make a plan way before the day of the exam. As for handling stress, there are so many resources at Cornell. I found that going to Engineering Advising was always helpful, so I would go and discuss classes. I feel that study groups are the best way to study certain topics, and everyone in this school is willing to help each other, rather than compete with one another. 

Favorite place to study? Kroch Library - there are always seats open. It's bright and airy and close to the cafe in Olin.

What experiences do you recommend? Explore Ithaca, beyond just Cornell. Every once in a while you may feel stressed or overwhelmed and the best way to overcome this is to clear your mind: take a walk, go hiking at one of the gorges, try a new restaurant, etc. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Aidan FitzgeraldAidan Fitzgerald (acf67)

Academic advice? Practice self-care. No matter how busy you are with academics, career development, and extracurriculars, you can always make time to take care of physical and mental health. Also, remember that Cornell has resources to support you academically as well as socially. 

Favorite place to study? Duffield Hall or Olin Library. Duffield is nice because it's on the Engineering Quad, where most of my classes are, and it's huge. On the other hand, Olin Library is cozy and has a cafe that's open until midnight.

What experiences do you recommend? Go outdoors! Cornell has many natural areas you can explore.

Preferred pronouns? They, Their, Them


Maddie FrankeMaddie Franke (mmf239)

Academic advice? Make sure you get enough sleep! First semester of freshmen year was rough for me because I was only getting about 6 hours of sleep a night. Second semester I learned how to manage my time better and managed to get 8 hours a night. I was able to work more efficiently and learn better so it actually reduced the amount of time I had to spend studying. Going to the gym is a good way to take your mind off of work for a bit.

Favorite place to study? I love to study in the Statler library. There are big windows looking out onto East Avenue that let in a lot of light, and it's close to Mac's so you can get some lunch or a snack while you study.

What experiences do you recommend? Go to the Farmer's Market at Cornell or the Ithaca Farmers Market! There's a ton of really good local restaurants and farms that come, and it can be a good break whether you are on or off campus.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Betsy FuBetsy Fu (zf48)

Academic advice? Go out and try new things. There is a lot to discover on campus.

Favorite place to study? Olin Library because it has a cafe to get food when I am hungry. 

What experiences do you recommend? Definitely go to the club fest and potentially join a club that interests you. Also, take cool PE classes. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Joseph FulgieriJoseph Fulgieri (jmf373)

Academic advice? Stay on top of it all. Unlike high school it's much easier to put off work and there's much less accountability. It's important not to fall behind, and to work hard when you do.

Favorite place to study? In Olin near Libe Cafe - it's generally pretty quiet but there's always plenty of people nearby to talk to and take breaks with.

What experiences do you recommend? At least another club or two that aligns with your interests.

Preferred pronouns? He, Him, His


Tracy GoldmanTracy Goldman (tag96)

Academic advice? Grades are simply a measure of performance on an exam or problem sets, not the end all be all. Focus on enjoying the material rather than the raw score. Additionally, while academics are important, do not neglect sleeping or your social life either!

Favorite place to study? I love studying in the Cocktail Lounge in Uris Library. The seats are super comfortable and the desks are really large, giving me a lot of space to write down notes or jot ideas for a CS project. Additionally, it is usually pretty quiet, allowing for focused study time.

What experiences do you recommend? The two main organizations I am apart of on campus are SWE and APO. Both provided me with an amazing community full of support and lifelong friendships, as well as meaningful volunteering opportunities. Aside from extracurricular activities, definitely go to Apple Fest and have a picnic on the slope! Go on fun adventures with friends in the Commons or in the gorges before it gets too cold.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Gauri JainGauri Jain (gj82)

Academic advice? 1) Learn what resources (tutoring/advising/clubs) there are around you. 2) Study in different places on campus to find out what works for you. 3) Don't get intimidated by people around you. The way you work and study has proved effective so far in your life so trust yourself. 

Favorite place to study? Sage Hall because of the natural light and the cafe. I also like the law library for the large open space, quiet atmosphere, and natural light.

What experiences do you recommend? Outdoor PE classes, events on Denice Cassaro's e-mails, cultural showcases. Take your first year to really learn about everything around you.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Apoorv KhandelwalApoorv Khandelwal (ak2254)

Academic advice? Learn your limits so you don't take on more classes/clubs/teams than you can handle. Put your courses and grades into perspective by thinking about your long-term goals - perfection isn't essential, so don't stress and focus on things that are important/enjoyable for yourself.

Favorite place to study? Duffield/Upson Hall - there are always many people around.

What experiences do you recommend? Join a dance team or music group. Do research under a professor or join a project team. Hike the gorges when the weather is warm or go rock climbing year round.

Preferred pronouns? He, Him, His


Kaitlyn LiKaitlyn Li (kml284)

Academic advice? Definitely have some sort of planner or to-do list because there is a lot of stuff going on and it's easy to accidentally forget something. Also, I think writing down everything you need to do helps you manage your time since you have to figure out how to complete all your tasks. When you finish something you can cross it off and feel like you're making progress.

Favorite place to study? Olin Library because I like the vibe. Everyone around you is studying which inspires you to also study and concentrate. Also, there are many different study spots in Olin (ex. stacks, basement, Libe Cafe, etc.) which cater to different study habits. Olin has a cafe that serves food and drinks which comes in handy when I need a pick-me-up from all the studying. Plus, Olin is centrally located. 

What experiences do you recommend? Go to Club Fest in the beginning of the year because it shows the different types of organizations that Cornell offers. I recommend walking around campus and Ithaca. The campus is huge and there's always somewhere new to explore. In addition, the Commons have a lot of great shops and restaurants and the Farmer's Market has a lot of great food. Also, Ithaca has a lot of great trails and beautiful scenery. It's always nice to take a study break and just be in nature.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Helen LiangHelen Liang (hl973)

Academic advice? Don't wait until prelims or finals week to start studying! Review class material weekly so you can follow along during lecture. Staying healthy is crucial to stress management. Get your sleep, don't skip meals, and get exercise. It's easy to pick up bad habits without your parents monitoring you. Remember to put health first - that problem set can wait until tomorrow morning.

Favorite place to study? Mann Library - from whiteboards to couches to Manndible Cafe, it's hands-down the nicest library on campus!

What experiences do you recommend? Join lots of clubs to see which ones you like. Go to the dining events (Harry Potter dinner at Risley, Game of Thrones dinner, etc.). The Wizarding Weekend in downtown Ithaca and Slope Day are a must. Take a hike on one of the nearby trails, the scenery is amazing. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Navin RamsaroopNavin Ramsaroop (nr292)

Academic advice? Time management and planning can reduce your stress significantly because you'd be on top of your information.

Favorite place to study? Duffield Hall because it has many people from all grades working in a collaborative environment. I also prefer working near a good cafe, such as Mattins. 

What experiences do you recommend? Definitely do the day of service, attend all opening movies, and go to events in Willard Straight Hall.

Preferred pronouns? He, Him, His


Rachel ShimRachel Shim (cs899)

Academic advice? Take all projects/homeworks/exams/classes seriously, no matter how trivial they see. Know that grades do not define who you are, and think of everything as a learning experience. 

Favorite place to study? Law School Library - beautiful, spacious, and silent.

What experiences do you recommend? Get involved! You are going to get out of the college experience what you put in, and it's a great way to make friends.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Nihar SidhuNihar Sidhu (ns625)

Academic advice? Manage your time well and study with friends! Make sure to stay on top of what is taught in lecture, so you're not cramming the night before an exam. Also, don't hesitate to make use of office hours, peer tutoring, academic workshops, etc. - everybody needs help!

Favorite place to study? My favorite place to study on campus is Gates Hall because I always see my fellow CS peers, and Gimme! Coffee is right by!

What experiences do you recommend? Join clubs on campus, and check out a lot of the free events on campus and in the surrounding Ithaca area!

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Anishka SinghAnishka Singh (as2643)

Academic advice? The most important thing I advise to first-years is not to fall behind. Once one falls behind in one class, it becomes really hard to catch up. This is why it is important to try to stay on top of things and try to handle all classes together. 

Favorite place to study? I like the 7th floor stacks in Olin Library.

What experiences do you recommend? Club Fest, Career Fair, Project Team fest. Joining a project team. Going to different events in the Tatkon and information sessions in the fall.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Kevin WangKevin Wang (kxw2)

Academic advice? Go out and explore, but don't overload your extracurriculars. Your first-year grades are important as they set the tone for your GPA for the latter three years and may open up early job opportunities.

Favorite place to study? My apartment; it's just me.

What experiences do you recommend? Join a sports team or a Greek organization or maybe a project team. Commit to something you love and that you see yourself investing in for the rest of your time here.

Preferred pronouns? He, Him, His


Deniz YilmazerDeniz Yilmazer (dy223)

Academic advice? 1) Take advantage of office hours, 2) when stressed out just go for a walk/bike ride around campus to relieve stress, and 3) go to lectures. 

Favorite place to study? Arts Quad on the grass (yes, it only happens like 4 weeks total per year, but still...)

What experiences do you recommend? Explore Ithaca.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Meredith Young-NgMeredith Young-Ng (mjy35)

Academic advice? Go to office hours! Whether it's catching up on an assignment, reinforcing your understanding of concepts, or investigating extensions from class concepts, TAs and professors are always willing to help. Sometmes, you can even find a study group for the class through meeting people at office hours!

Favorite place to study? Uris Library. When I'm stressed and in the middle of a problem set, I find it helps to take a deep breath and look out the window, enjoying the natural beauty of looking out on the Slope.

What experiences do you recommend? I recommend that all new students try something new! Whether it's gaining more practical engineering experience through joining a project team or joining the rock climbing club, there's something for everyone.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Audrey YuanAudrey Yuan (ady8)

Academic advice? Write everything down, whether it is where your prelim is, notes for class, or your schedule/plan for finishing all your work. In addition, make friends to study with and attend office hours and gain help from the course staff. Also, your mental and physical health is most important, even though it may feel like you are stressed to do well and get certain grades. 

What experiences do you recommend? Join any organizations you seem interested in, not only academic ones!

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Jane ZhangJane Zhang (jz393)

Academic advice? Don't overload yourself with too much work; it's important to be able to enjoy your college experience and keep up with your mental health.

Favorite place to study? Uris Library. It's quiet and really pretty.

What experiences do you recommend? Take it easy and meet as many new people as you can! You'll only be in college once so enjoy your time here. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Jessica ZhaoJessica Zhao (jwz23)

Academic advice? Start assignments early and go to office hours as soon as you become stuck. Set a small amount of time aside each night for every class so that even if you don't have something immediately due, you're making at least some progress every night.

Favorite place to study? Statler Library because it's always brightly lit, there's space for group work as well as individual work, and it's near food and a convenient location on central campus.

What experiences do you recommend? Join a mixture of professional, social, and project-oriented clubs so you get a good mix! Go to as many events or recruitment info sessions as possible because you'll never know what you might like. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Meghan ChenMeghan Chen (mc2254)

Academic advice? Make a priority to-do list! If you get overwhelmed, the best thing you can do is to figure out what exactly needs to get done and you can check those things off one at a time. It's much more relieving to have entire tasks completed than to have a little bit of multiple tasks complete.

Favorite place to study? Duffield and Upson Hall because the seats (in Upson) are comfortable and you can easily find other Engineers to help you with any problems you're struggling with.

What experiences do you recommend? My strongest recommendation is to branch out and try new things! I know you must hear this a lot, but joining clubs and doing something you've never done or heard of before can really make your college experience.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Vaishnavi DhulkhedVaishnavi Dhulkhed (vd89)

Academic advice? Never give up on your passions. In Cornell, Many clubs and organizations need students to apply, which introduces the possibility of being rejected. Thus, many students feel discouraged or do not try again to pursue their passion. To handle stress, make a detailed schedule that covers everything including study times for all classes and stick to it. I performed much better and my GPA improved after making a detailed schedule.

Favorite place to study? Duffield Atrium because it has the perfect balance of quiet and noise. In addition, Duffield has a great food place and there are several events happening in the atrium so it is a great place to take a small study break.

What experiences do you recommend? Explore Ithaca by walking down the gorges and visiting the Farmers Market. There are lot of things to do in Ithaca and the campus is very beautiful so students can enjoy the environment without taking too many hours off if their day. In addition, I recommend students attend Holi at Cornell since it is a great event and you may end up having a lot of fun.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Sophie HeSophie He (bh377)

Academic advice? Figure out how you study best early to reduce stress.

Favorite place to study? Mann Library because it's really nice inside and there is a lot of open space. You get a good workout by getting there and there is usually not that many people.

What experiences do you recommend? Students should go check out the off-campus radio station, WBVR (next to Carriage House Cafe).

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Alexander KoenigsbergerAlex Koenigsberger (ak826)

Academic advice? Do not let work pile up, and do your best not to rely on coffee. The best solution to fatigue is to get a full night's sleep.

Favorite place to study? Uris Library Cocktail Lounge. It has a nice view if you want it, it is not too loud nor too quiet, and I like the spacious partitioned desks. 

What experiences do you recommend? Go to on-campus performances such as acapella, comedy, and dance groups! I like the Cascadilla gorge trail and Beebe Lake, and going to Collegetown or Ithaca Commons for some good food.

Preferred pronouns? He, Him, His


Jackson KopitzJackson Kopitz (jsk363)

Academic advice? Always go to office hours and get help if you don't understand something. Don't waste your time being stuck.

Favorite place to study? I like to study in Upson because it has comfy chairs and cool views. 

What experiences do you recommend? Join anything that you are interested in.

Preferred pronouns? He, Him, His


Priya MallaPriya Malla (sm2427)

Academic advice? It's important to find that balance between work-time and play-time and your first-year is a good opportunity to figure out how you personally need to schedule your time. And if you ever need help, look through the abundance of options you have on campus to get you the kind of help you need, whether it's academics related or stress management.

Favorite place to study? I like sitting and doing my work bu the huge windows in Duffield with a friend. It's just nice to be able to look up every once in a while and see the day change and be able to turn and talk to a friend when you're feeling a bit stressed or want to take a break.

What experiences do you recommend? Go to the open event they have on campus, especially during the first few weeks when there are so many! It's a great way to meet new people, see performances of groups you might want to join, and eat free food.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her Hers


Pablo RuizPablo Ruiz (pdr64)

Academic advice? In your first year you're going to be learning what study habits work for you. Be open to whatever method works whether it be studying with people in a talkative setting or alone in a quiet place. 

Favorite place to study? My favorite place to study on campus is either ina  room near Duffield or in Olin Library.

What experiences do you recommend? When you first arrive at school, I highly recommend that you leave your dorm room wide open so people can come in and talk to you. It's a gesture that makes it a lot easier to meet potential friends.

Preferred pronouns? He, Him, His


Elisa SchmidtElisa Schmidt (es797)

Academic advice? Use Google Calendar because it makes you accountable for your time. Put in your professors' and TA's office hours; if you don't have any questions just show up and do your homework there. Leaving your room and interacting with the world is important. If you're not getting enough work done there be surrounded by peers at Duffield who don't want to but ARE doing that problem set. Get enough, if not consistent, sleep. There is no shame in a library nap; you're doing what you gotta do. There is no shame in struggling with courses; you're doing something hard.

Favorite place to study? I like to rotate study spots so that I don't get too comfortable, but Duffield Hall is definitely one of my favorites. The availability of supportive upperclassmen there is nice.

What experiences do you recommend? Find and cultivate supportive communities. This means joining an organization that you love, spending time with your friends, and studying with your classmates. For me, marching band is one of these communities, and for others it's a team, club or other group. (Please join band.)

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Caitlin StantonCaitlin Stanton (cs968)

Academic advice? In your first semester, take the time to acclimate to being a college student. The worst thing you can do is overburden yourself with commitments. Take time to sit down and prioritize your obligations so you know the best way to spend your time. No matter how many things you have to do, make sure to put your physical, emotional, and mental health at the forefront of your mind and take time for yourself to decompress, even just for  a few minutes. 

Favorite place to study? Definitely Duffield! If you ask my friends, they know that I basically live there. In fact, all of my apps think that Duffield is my home! I love how it is a hub for all types of engineering students, and that I can walk through and see my friends from all my different courses and organizations.  

What experiences do you recommend? Make sure to get off campus! Cornell campus is beautiful, but take a trip down the hill to the Commons for one of Ithaca's awesome festivals (Apple Fest, Wizarding Weekend, etc.) or to just walk through a cute little town and get good food.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Ho-Jung Yang Ho-Jung Yang (hy379)

Academic advice? Take initiative this year, but don't stress too much about it. In other words, apply for anything that's a bit interesting but don't stress if you don't get in something.

Favorite place to study? I really like the MECHE lounge in Upson. The tables are really big, clean, and nice. It's really quiet and you can also eat there (if you don't make a mess).   

What experiences do you recommend? Clubs! Project Teams!

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Engineering Physics

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Connor HornConnor Horn (ch626)

Academic advice? No amount of studying you can do can take away the importance of sleep when it comes to doing well in school. You will focus better in class, be more productive while doing homework, and be more creative when you are well rested. I consistently get at least 8 hours of sleep a night and consider it to be my best study tool. 

Favorite place to study? I find myself pressed for time a lot during the day, so I'll typically get work done in the study areas attached to each of the dining halls. That way I can save time from needing to walk places and I'm never far away from food!  

What experiences do you recommend? Do something active! There are plenty of clubs and organizations around campus that emphasize exercise and give you the opportunity to spend time outside, especially in the warmer months. You'd be surprised at how much time you can have for extra activities if you make them a priority and are efficient with your time management. 

Preferred pronouns? He, Him, His


Junlan LuJunlan Lu (jl3286)

Academic advice? Find fun activities that you can do on a consistent basis. Make them a habit. 

Favorite place to study? I enjoy studying in Upson Hall because there are a lot of conference rooms where my friends and I can all work together.  

What experiences do you recommend? Joining a project team or research lab and student organization that you can make friends in.

Preferred pronouns? He, Him, His

Environmental Engineering

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Carolyn RuoffCarolyn Ruoff (cer93)

Academic advice? Establish time management and study skills. 

Favorite place to study? Carpenter.  

What experiences do you recommend? Join a project team.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Information Science, Systems, and Technology

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Elisabeth CrottyLizzie Crotty (epc54)

Academic advice? Take time to do something you enjoy every day. Even if you have a ridiculous amount of work, taking a quick break will get you on track and improve your productivity. If you never take breaks you tend to burn out pretty quickly and not enjoy what you are doing. 

Favorite place to study? I really like the Cocktail Lounge because it feels homey and I find the oddly high desks (or low chairs?) to be pretty comfortable.  

What experiences do you recommend? Sit on the slope to what the sunset during finals week (or just sit on the slope in general on a nice day). This may be difficulty in the fall term if the weather is icky but you can always find a good window also.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Lindsay FinnLindsay Finn (lnf24)

Academic advice? Work hard, try your best, and get involved! Cornell has so much to offer, find where you fit in.

Favorite place to study? The Upson study rooms on the 3rd and 4th floor for group work because sometimes you can get a whole room for yourselves. Olin Basement right under the stairs for individual studying because it is quiet, has a lot of space, and is well lit.

What experiences do you recommend? Try out for Yamati, climb the rock wall, play on an intramural sports team, get to know everyone on your freshmen floor, try a Risley stir fry, and go to the farmers market!

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Sindoori PaiSindoori Pai (sp772)

Academic advice? Schedule your time! It can be hard at first figuring out how much time to delegate to each class and activity but you can modify as you go. Also, I recommend adding an hour of alone time each week that you dedicate to watching a show, reading, walking, or anything else that lets you catch up on yourself and the things you love.

Favorite place to study? I like studying in Upson for its fresh and modern interior. It gets a lot of light, too, so I feel bright as I work hard.

What experiences do you recommend? Definitely go to Club Fest and look for the groups that are welcoming and enthusiastic about what they do. If these clubs appeal to you, you can join a great community and become really passionate about things you never knew before.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Cristina Zhao Cristina Zhao (kz87)

Academic advice? Leave campus once in a while and explore Ithaca!

Favorite place to study? Big Red Barn is my favorite because it's not too lour or too quiet and always has tables available. 

What experiences do you recommend? Go to Wizarding Weekend and other events on the Commons.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Materials Science and Engineering

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Audrey GunawanAudrey Gunawan (ag973)

Academic advice? Go to office hours! Don't be afraid of the TAs or Professor. They're there to help you. Ask questions if you're confused even if it seems like it's a simple concept that everyone understands. 

Favorite place to study? Olin Library - the periodicals room (the room on the first floor with a view of the clock tower). There's lots of sunlight (when the sun is actually out) and you can hear all the cool songs that the clock tower plays. 

What experiences do you recommend? Club fest! Go to Club Fest, see all the clubs that are out there, and join one that fits your niche - whether it's trying something new or going back to something that's already familiar.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers

Mechanical Engineering

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Lyanda DudleyLyanda Dudley (lcd38)

Academic advice? Figure out what schedule and study habits work best for YOU. What works for a friend might not be what works for you. If you find yourself slipping behind and/or getting frustrated because you cannot understand the materials, get the help you need! Almost everyone at Cornell uses some form of tutoring in their 4 years. Academic Excellence Workshops (AEWs) are another resource and are fantastic for small classroom learning and extra practice.

Favorite place to study? The Cornell Store because it is bright, has enough background noise, and you can get yummy snacks to fuel your studying!

What experiences do you recommend? 1) Get involved in an organization that is different from anything you have done in high school or growing up. Cornell has 1000+ student organizations, making it super easy to find new passions. 2) Get involved with the Ithaca community at least twice a semester! Ithaca is a fun, spirited town with locals who love to share their stories. 3) Take advantage of special events on campus such as famous lecturers or skills workshops.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Mark GottliebMark Gottlieb (mg868)

Academic advice? Don't waste time stressing out about deadlines, just start working and do your best to get it done.

Favorite place to study? Upper levels of Upson because it's fairly quiet and close to classes.

What experiences do you recommend? Get involved in any organization you are interested in and just try new things with friends. 

Preferred pronouns? He, Him, His


Ambikaa JaggiAmbikaa Jaggi (aj369)

Academic advice? Take out time for the things you love and make sure you prioritize sleep.

Favorite place to study? If I want to study on my own I go to the stacks in Olin Library since there is pin-drop silence. However, if I am working on a group project, I'll go to the Tatkon Center since it's a convenient meeting point for all freshmen with a bunch of rooms with whiteboards and Carol's Cafe.

What experiences do you recommend? The Apple Festival, Wizarding Weekend, Holi and Dragon Day are all events you don't want to miss. In addition to that, make sure you attend and sign up for any clubs you find interesting. Freshmen year is the time where you can experiment with new clubs and hobbies, and joining a club helps you create a more tight-knit community within Cornell.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Becca LublinBecca Lublin (rpl62)

Academic advice? Find a rhythm, and make at least one friend in each class to study with. Try not to save all your assignments for the weekend because you will want to freedom to go out and have fun on the weekends. It might help to set some time aside in your schedule to have lunch and do your homework in between classes. 

Favorite place to study? The Ivy Room because I can get food there and it's not too quiet and, most of the time, not too loud. The tables are large, so I can spread out, and it's normally not too crowded.

What experiences do you recommend? Find a club that you like. Even if you don't go all the time, it will likely help you make friends, which can make all the difference. Don't focus too much on grades your freshmen year. Rather, focus on figuring out how to organize your time. Most classes have some sort of curve, so you might actually be doing well in the class, even though your numerical grade is lower.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Brian LuiBrian Lui (bl569)

Academic advice? Definitely study and try to do well in your classes, but also make sure to leave time for your extracurriculars - those are what you will remember most from your college experience. 

Favorite place to study? Upson or Duffield because it's open 24/7.

What experiences do you recommend? Join a project team or get involved with research. It's a good way to gain experience, figure out whether you enjoy engineering, and help you decide what major you want to pursue.

Preferred pronouns? He, Him, His


Julia RadzioJulia Radzio (jr932)

Academic advice? I recommend that first-year students get to know their TAs and professors well, as this can allow them to understand the material they are studying and know how to seek help when necessary. I also advise revising notes as you get them from lectures, and doing practice problems frequently. 

Favorite place to study? I enjoy studying in the Kroch Library (which is Olin Library) in the Asia Reading Room. It's always warm in there, which is a nice contrast to the cold outside sometimes. Being surrounded by books and other people studying is also very motivating there.

What experiences do you recommend? I recommend going into downtown Ithaca for the Apple Fest and other similar events. It helped me become more comfortable living in the area, and it exposed me to a lot of nice cafes and restaurants. On-campus, I recommend visiting the Lindseth Climbing Center at least once (and maybe joining the Cornell Rock Climbing Club if you begin to enjoy climbing as much as I have).

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Victoria TanVictoria Tan (vt228)

Academic advice? Make sure you take time for destressing, even if it's going on a walk or watching an episode of Friends!

Favorite place to study? Mann Library; nice environment for quiet study or group study, aesthetically pleasing. 

What experiences do you recommend? Apple Fest (even if it's in the midst of prelim season), Spa night, and themed dinners. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Caitlin TormeyCaitlin Tormey (cat244)

Academic advice? The most important advice I would give would be to go to office hours. You will spend way less time on homework if you do it in the office hours where you can get help from professors, TAs, and other students. 

Favorite place to study? My favorite place to do work is Duffield because I like working with background noise and I always see people from my classes if I have questions. I also like to study in the alcoves in Upson if I need a quieter environment. 

What experiences do you recommend? Take as many fun and interesting PE classes as you can while at Cornell. They are always a great experience. I would also recommend going on as many hikes as you can before it gets to cold!

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Laura Vasquez-BolanosLaura Vasquez-Bolanos (lv92)

Academic advice? Time management is key in being able to see the semester as a whole with prelims and big projects. 

Favorite place to study? No where specific, I like to constantly move.

What experiences do you recommend? Joining organizations you're interested in to gain a strong friend base.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Kelly WaldvogelKelly Waldvogel (kjw96)

Academic advice? It's easy to mitigate stress once you know how to study effectively, so find out what works best for you. Take advantage of AEWs, office hours, peer tutors, and other resources to positively influence your study habits!

Favorite place to study? For a quieter place to focus, I like to work in the math library in Malott Hall. For a more collaborative space, the atrium in Physical Sciences Building is fantastic and is open 24/7!

What experiences do you recommend? Explore campus and the surrounding regions - there are many waterfalls and gorges as close as a quick walk from your dorm.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Crystal ZhaoCrystal Zhao (czz5)

Academic advice? I found that the best way to achieve academic success is to have good time management. Not many assignments are due the next day, unlike high school, so if you don't work a little bit every day, deadlines eventually pile up, making some weeks more stressful than others. You can avoid that by making a daily schedule of certain tasks that you set out to complete by the end of the day.

Favorite place to study? I prefer to study in Sage Hall because it is always quiet, and the environment is just a really nice place to get work done.

What experiences do you recommend? Definitely try to go to Apple Fest in the fall, if you can. Events like Apple Fest really show you how the Ithaca community outside of Cornell is like. The small town setting provides a perfect opportunity to engage in such events, where you get to try all the delicious local foods.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Operations Research and Engineering

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Mary EssexMary Essex (mae87)

Academic advice? Make sure to plan out your studying and not leave everything to the last minute. It will help you be less stressed for the exam. Also take advantage of office hours and ask for help whenever you need it.

Favorite place to study? My favorite place to study on campus is Upson Hall. I love the new classrooms and the large windows by the study spaces. 

What experiences do you recommend? Join a club or organization. And apply to a club if you find it interesting even if you are intimidated. Joining something is a great way to make friends and explore your interests. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Victoria KatzVictoria Katz (vek9)

Academic advice? Don't be afraid to ask classmates, TAs, and professors for help! Asking questions as soon as they arise will help you stay on top of your work and be organized.

Favorite place to study? My favorite place to study is Mann Library because of all the bright colors and modern vibe.

What experiences do you recommend? Learn how to ride the TCAT bus system - it will really come in handy once it gets cold. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Erica LeeErica Lee (el559)

Academic advice? Every day, work on a few problems in a homework set after attending the relevant lecture. 

Favorite place to study? Second floor of Rhodes Hall - most of my classes are nearby and the booths are conducive for both group and individual study. 

What experiences do you recommend? Join a variety of different clubs! Academic organizations and project teams allow for the application of course material, while hobby-based groups help one to de-stress and meet other students with similar interests.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Maggie LiuMaggie Liu (ml958)

Academic advice? Don't be afraid to go to office hours, they're some of the most valuable resources you'll get and will make projects and problem sets so much easier. It's a great place to connect with other students as well.

Favorite place to study? Any quiet spot where there's a desk is great, but I especially prefer all the nooks in Upson Hall, which is a really nice building in general after being renovated. 

What experiences do you recommend? Anything new that you've been curious about is always a great bet. It's totally fine to stick with things that you've done before, but one of the benefits of going to a big school is that there are so many diverse interests that you'll always be able to find something new and fun.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Abigail MacalusoAbigail Macaluso (arm289)

Academic advice? Reach out. It's normal to struggle academically in the beginning of our Cornell career. You will get grades that you have never gotten before (yes, below an A). There are so many resources available to help you thrive, just don't be afraid to reach out and use them. 

Favorite place to study? The Willard Straight Memorial room. It is very homey and you can have a big desk just to you. It also doesn't feel like a library which is nice. I was used to getting work done in my room in high school so it reminds me of that without being too distracting. 

What experiences do you recommend? I recommend first year students attend the homecoming concert at Schoellkopf Field. The best part is when everyone sings the alma mater together. It really makes you feel like something bigger than yourself. My parents are Cornell alum and we all went to the concert and my mom started tearing up at the sea of red singing in unison.

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Gabriel PortelaGabriel Portela (gsp65)

Academic advice? The most important part, in my opinion, for academic success is time management. Finding time to study, and do things for pleasure is important to keep a balanced schedule. 

Favorite place to study? I personally liked to study in my dorm just because I would not waste any time to go to and come back from the library. 

What experiences do you recommend? It's different for everyone, but I definitely recommend being involved in sports, business organizations, social fraternities, any clubs that are interesting.

Preferred pronouns? He, Him, His


Isabella YangIsabella Yang (ly89)

Academic advice? I would recommend study in groups: it's a great way to get homework done and meet new people at the same time. It's also important to know the numerous resources and academic supports on campus.

Favorite place to study? Temple of Zuess/Arts Quad. Great food and best view.

What experiences do you recommend? I would recommend freshmen to try everything, to meet as many people as possible: whether that's a project team or any club on campus. There are also lots of amazing events around Ithaca Commons like Apple Fest. It's a great time to hang with your floor mates. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers


Michael YuanMichael Yuan (mty6)

Academic advice? Make sure you preview and review each course and go to class/take notes! If you put in the effort at the correct time, it will be a lot easier!

Favorite place to study? I like studying in the Cocktail Lounge in Uris Library. It's quiet, it has a nice view, a lot of desks, and an outlet!

What experiences do you recommend? You should try and to to the first meetings of the clubs you are interested in, and choose a few of the ones you liked the most. Also, make sure you go out and socialize with your peers too, Cornell is about more than academics!

Preferred pronouns? He, Him, His


Shelley ZhangShelley Zhang (ssz24)

Academic advice? Utilize all the resources available to you. Things like office hours, Piazza, or study sessions are great ways to get ahead an stay on top of work. It's definitely not a sign of weakness.

Favorite place to study? My favorite place to study on campus is Carpenter Hall because the people are very focused and motivated. It helps me stay focused and encourages me to study harder.

What experiences do you recommend? I recommend getting involved with things that you are passionate about. Cornell can be a challenging place so it's nice to be involved with activities or events that you enjoy for fun. 

Preferred pronouns? She, Her, Hers